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Creating an account on Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Have created an account on Bloglovin to make the blog easier to follow. For this to work on my blog I have to post a post with the above link, so this is my post saying that I am creating an account on Bloglovin. Good for you to know who doesn´t have a wordpress account or want tol follow me by mail.

Heading out for some photo-shooting tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will obey me.



Evening shot from Paris



  1. Yes. Jag har 9 som följer mig. Sen start. Det har inte blivit mer. På 7 år.
    Jag följer där bara såna som inte är på WP.

    • Kul 🙂 Jag ska lägga till alla där efter hand nu tänkte jag. Jag går liksom in separat på alla websidor. Jisses vilket jobb egentligen! 🙂

      • So, you keep your wordpress platform but it is attached to the bloglovin reader, is that right? Once I tried to publicize my wordpress blog through google + and was completely bumped from the wordpress reader and thus received no new followers. After removing the google + link, through publicize on wordpress, my posts showed up in the reader again and voila: new followers again. So, I am a little reluctant to try a new platform, thinking that the same thing may happen again.


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