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Fleemarket at Porte des Vanves

And the last day with granntanter, Camilla Thulin and Karina Ericsson Wärn, arrived.

We met outside the Odeon theatre, which we did all three days. Together we took the bus to Porte des Vanves where we where to attend a fleemarket.

The fleemarket had many things of medium to high quality. Mostly high quality prices though. I managed to make find that I am particularly proud of and it was a photography of Birgite Bardot, holding a rabit next to a car, by Patrica Bertrand. Among the pictures isn´t the photo thought but a photo of the photographer himself. I tried speaking to him with some basic basic English. He spoke a word or two and I managed to find out that he used to be a photographer in th 60´s and 70´s, nowadays he just used the iphone he said. He had amazing photographs of celebrities, photo which I think was taken in connection to different film- location at the time he was active.

The market held some treasures for others as well, and some made bargains and other spend more money. Elisabeth bought some handwoven fabric from Africa when we met her. She tried to bargain but it wasn´t possible.

We ended our day together around 13, having french baguettes and pasterys of all sorts.


Canon 5D mark iii, 50 mm Sigma Art lens f1.4, editing in Lightroom


HH7A2022 HH7A2025 HH7A2032 HH7A2038 HH7A2041 HH7A2043 HH7A2057

HH7A2061 HH7A2062 HH7A2063 HH7A2064 HH7A2065 HH7A2066 HH7A2067 HH7A2069 HH7A2070 HH7A2072 HH7A2075 HH7A2082 HH7A2084 HH7A2085 HH7A2087 HH7A2089 HH7A2098 HH7A2109 HH7A2110 HH7A2114 HH7A2116 HH7A2117 HH7A2119 HH7A2120 HH7A2121 HH7A2123


  1. More great candids (love the people eating: I wonder if they wanted to kill you ?); but I liked the other day’s better. Just a matter of taste … nothing to do with quality !!!! 😀

  2. Det var verkligen tanter på resa slog mig nu när jag bläddrade igenom bilderna igen. Marknaden är verkligen verkligen lockande. Köpte du nåt.
    Den näst sista bilden är ingen smickrande bild på Camilla.

    • haha. Nej men Camilla är en skön kvinna förstår du som gör roliga miner hela tiden. Ja visst gjorde jag det. Träffade en fotograf som har fotat Birgit Bardot m.fl kändisar på 60 talet. Köpte ett porträtt av Bardot när hon håller i en kanin signerat av fotografen, köpt av fotografen. Jag tog ett litet foto på honom med. Ska lägga ut honom och fotot sen.Han pratade inte så mycket engelska men vad jag förstod jobbade han bara som fotograf på 60-70 talet typ. Nu så fotade han bara med sin iphone som han sa.. 🙂

      • Härlig berättelse om Bardot. Hon var verkligen en vacker kvinna. Och än lever hon. Nationalist så att det rycker om henne. Kanske därför så brun hon numera, bränt sig vid röken.
        Kan tänka mig att Camilla är skön.

      • The American system a “legal” system, very funny, it proves the acceptance of Lies and Force as Authority. Perhaps, that’s why many people negate something with a “better and heer€hialât approach and trying to prove a lie where they lost the track.


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