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All yellow everywhere- When the leaves shift color.

This week is all about autumn in Sweden. It is now it happens! The whole world turns into a yellow cake with some early morning frosting.

I know you love autumn pictures and strolled around Grythyttan the other day when the sun and the weather was perfect. Grythyttan is such an amazing plaze, I can see that now when I edited the photos.

Enjoy the atmosphere and have a happy October everybody!


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm canon lens L-series, edited in Lightroom

HH7A0880 HH7A0882 HH7A0886 HH7A0895 HH7A0898 HH7A0901 HH7A0906 HH7A0909 HH7A0917 HH7A0919 HH7A0927 HH7A0935 HH7A0938 HH7A0949




  1. Underbara bilder om hösten. Jag tycker att vi inte har fått så där fint i Stockholm. Men det kan vara bara jag som tycker det. Jag hade inte s å mycket tid att ränna runt.


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