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Preparing for Way Out West.

This week Way Out West is going down. Oh happy me that I get to go 🙂

Wanted to show you some photos from other festivals so dug down in my little chamber of secrets, the iPhoto library. Have been to a number of festivals, mainly Hultsfred since it is close to where I grew up but also the Emmaboda festival in Emmaboda (close to Kalmar) and Helsingsborgs city festival. This year, trying out Way Out West, the city festival in Gothenburg.

Today before started the editing of this photos I went for a walk. I admit that it was a bit cloudy when I started my walk but when I was in the middle of the forest, the sky just opened and the thunder started rumbling. I swear that the lightening struck less than 500 meters from where I was sitting. The sound was awful. I was shaking like a little birchleave when sitting on the porch of someones house while the bad weather past.

Still a bit shaken up, I´ll give it another try now, enjoying my Sunday to the fullest.

photos taken with different cameras, probably my Kodak compact digital camera and also cellphones. Edited in Lightroom + Photoshop, adding background and photofilter.


Early cellphone photo from the Hultsfred festival.


Rainy festival, a normal state in Sweden. This year in Bråvalla, Norrköping, some people actually got struck by lightening. No fun festival.



The year 2009, right after a 2 weeks vacation in USA, arriving in Sweden with a cowboyhat and a lot experiences richer. The hat where used a lot during this summer.


Cute buttons and mud.


The famous Swedish band the Hives, have seen them on multiple occasions.



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