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How wow was WOW?

Promised to get back to the Way Out West festival with a review of the whole event and comfortable and suiting enough, an email with a festival guide was send to me from a Charlotte Astroem from Zalando, named, ”Hur WOW var WOW?”. Isn´t that a suiting name for a e-mail containing a festival guide for the 80 biggest festivals in Europe. But, will get back to the guide in another post, this one is long enough I assure you. The Way Out West Festival took place between the 7-9 of August in Gothenburg Sweden and among the artists was Veronica Maggio, Icona Pop and Outcast. ”Oh WOW, I love the food, the atmosphere and the music. Good JOB Way out West! ” An intriguing and a bit discussed subject on the WOW festival was the food since the festival had gone a 100 % vegetarian. I LOVE. The choice was also a green alternative of drinks, where the beer (in most cases) where organic. My boyfriend crinkled his sweet little nose and said, ”I …

Way Out West- And it ends with confetti!

Now I am back home again after a long weekend in Gothenburg, having nice hotell breakfast and watching different artist. Yesterday we saw the hip hop artist Linda Pira with Ladies, until yeah, until we where soaked into the bones with Swedish summer rain, ending up in a return at the hotel where we where staying and later going back for Veronica Maggio and Robin & Röyksopp. And yeah, the other day I we where interviewed by expressen, a Swedish newspaper, and mum so nicely put the photo on her instagram account to be viewed here. I managed to snapshot the interviewer and as well post it on my instagram here. Will be back with a short film from the festival, maybe tomorrow or whenever I have the energy to edit it (not my favorite thing) as well as some deeper reviews of the whole thing for future travelers and festival visitors to dig into. Have a nice weekend, now I am off to bed! Ciao! Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50mm Canon lens (f …

Way Out West- Icona Pop and Outcast

Yesterday came with nice weather, good food and the Icona Pop and Outcast concerts. I must say that I liked Icona Pop the best but I think Martin definitively favoured Outcast. Well, Miss Jackson was a highlight but Icona Pop was on fire throughout the concert. To have that amount of energy! Thanks for all the food discussion yesterday. Think I have to highlight this part (environment vs. meat at Way Out West) a little later in its own post to do it justice. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50mm f 1.8 Canon lens. Photos of me alone, taken by Martin Benitez. Photo of me and Martin together, taken by Emma Söderberg.    

Way Out West- A city festival with all veggie food.

Just gotten back to the hotel. Martin has already fallen asleep and it is only me up, editing photos. But now I am off to bed, exhausted. Enjoy the photos from the first day of the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg that is taken place between the 7-9 August, an all city festival where some of the concerts actually take place in different clubs around the city. The festival has all vegetarian food (Martin is mildly irritated, but I´m happy) and focuses on the environment. Today I tried out the vegetarian Meze plate. Yummie. Nighty night. Katarina Canon 5D Mark ii, 50mm Canon lens, lightroom.    

Preparing for Way Out West.

This week Way Out West is going down. Oh happy me that I get to go 🙂 Wanted to show you some photos from other festivals so dug down in my little chamber of secrets, the iPhoto library. Have been to a number of festivals, mainly Hultsfred since it is close to where I grew up but also the Emmaboda festival in Emmaboda (close to Kalmar) and Helsingsborgs city festival. This year, trying out Way Out West, the city festival in Gothenburg. Today before started the editing of this photos I went for a walk. I admit that it was a bit cloudy when I started my walk but when I was in the middle of the forest, the sky just opened and the thunder started rumbling. I swear that the lightening struck less than 500 meters from where I was sitting. The sound was awful. I was shaking like a little birchleave when sitting on the porch of someones house while the bad weather past. Still a bit shaken up, I´ll give it another …

Hayride- a Swedish 50´s festival in Hultsfred.

This weekend I where in my old neighborhood Hultsfred, partying with some old friends at the Hayride festival. I added some photos on my Instagram-account but here they are as well as some others. The Hayride festival is a festival with music from the 40s to 60s where people also dress in vintage, new and old. All sorts of vintage shops, with old vintage and newly produced clothes in the style of the old ages where in place to make a buck or two. I had much fun and will consider going next year if I have time. I am totally impressed by all incredible haircuts all the girls where having but also their ability to copy the overall style of the 40s with everything from shoes, stockings, suits, glases and hair. That takes dedication! Katarina  

Hållbart resande: Way Out West- En festival med fokus på hållbarhet.

Läser regelbundet bloggen Hållbara handlingar (har tipsat om den förut jag vet) och denna gång skrev Magnus Myrberg som driver bloggen om Hållbart resande. Något som känns högst aktuellt nu när jag är i Peru. Håller på att planera sommaren, dels för att om något ska bli gjort behöver man planera och dels för att om något ska bli hållbart, behöver man planera. Köpte precis biljetter till Way Out West för mig och min sambo och vill passa på att tipsa om denna festivalen utifrån hållbarhets syfte. För Way Out West tar det verkligen hela vägen, med tips på hållbart och rabatterat boende, rabatterad tågresa till festivalen och fokus på vegetarisk mat. Magnus, ses vi där eller?  Nej skämt och sido. Detta är ju kanon tycker jag varför jag vill göra detta till veckans tips/veckans viktiga fråga. Hållbart resande! Men som med allt annat finns det säkert baksidor av denna festival också och tåget som nu är rabatterat är ju ofta ett ruskigt dyrt resealternativ jag ofta dissar just på grund av pris och även …