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Water protection bag for the camera.

Bought a somewhat weird thing for my camera a while ago and have waited for the right weather before I could use it. It is a water protection bag for the camera. There is a photo of the bag on my instagram. It looks a bit weird, doesn´t it?

Well, this weekend when my friends where here I tried it out in Torrvarpen, the lake next to the town where I live. I would say that it is probably better to by the original thing. This was a five dollar bag from a low price site, and well, the real deal is guaranteed better. First of all, it doesn´t really fit my cam and second, the photos come out a bit distorted. Well, on the beach you can of couse (as I did) use it for you advantage. But I had to go full auto (when closed not possible to change settings) and only my small lens that doesn´t work great on auto fit in the bag so there you have my problem.

But, I will certainly play with it some more and it is a plus to have sand and water protection when slacking on the beach with the expensive cam. So worth the five dollars? I would say yes. At least I can put the camera in the water safely for photos.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50mm Canon lens, lightroom. Full automatic settings with water protection camera bag.

HH7A7434 HH7A7435 HH7A7436 HH7A7445


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