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Sicily- Taormina and Syracuse – Expensive shopping and hardcore catholics

Some years ago (the year 2010) I went to Sicily with my friend Caroline who was visiting me this weekend.

Sicily then become one of my favorite places and I wanted to share where I went with you, even if it was some time ago.

What I remember especially about Sicilly was the fact that they didn´t let me in in one of the churches since I had to short shorts. (haha)

Yeah, that was it for me and religion. We didn´t suit eachother before, but then I did really understand why religion never could be anything for me. I might start believing, but I will never believe that the clothes matter for the GOD I believe in, I am sorry that you might not agree, but this is my standpoint.

photos taken by me, my mum and Caroline in 2010 with some small compact digital camera, I think it is a kodak camera and also my iPhone3.


The beach in Giardini Naxos, where we lived on a two star hotel that was over expectations.


The beaches on the south side of Sicily where we stayed was ok. In Giardini Nazos where we lived, the beach was hot and when the season changed (right in the middle of our visit) the prices also went up a lot. I don´t remember the exact price but it was expensive to stay there and I think the sunchairs costed around 140 sek for a day (which is like 15 dollars at least).

The jellyfish left a mark that stayed on Carros arm a long time.

The jellyfish left a mark that stayed on Carros arm a long time.

Carro burnt her arm very badly on a jellyfish and the mark got much worse than expected.


I have never been so tanned in my life though. Not sure why because we stayed only for a week and did more stuff than just hang on the beach.

Shopping was a constant part of the daily life in Sicily, at least for us. And what shopping! They had Prada, Gucci and all brands and me, my mum and Caroline probably came home with more than we needed. Still have that bag from United Colors of Benetton that I bought on Sicily (three photos down you see me holding a yellow paper bag).

100_1136 100_1140


We traveled by charter with Fritidsresor. They are my favorite company to travel with if I want a prearranged trip. I have traveled with them to a lot of places, for example Sicily and Thailand, but also Turkey. In Siciliy we went to Syracuse with them on a guided tour and also on a Sicily dinner night that was arranged by them.




The best memories I have from the visit is when we where strolling down the streets of Taormina. Taormina is a little small village on the mountain/volcano of Etna . The beach in Taormina was one of the highlights of the trip. We went down to the beach by cable-cars and it was on this fantastic beach Caroline burnt her arm very badly.


The beach of Taormina


In the Greek amfitheatre in Syracuse


Posing all over the place



The shorts that made the churches in Syracuse ban me..

100_1235 100_1289


100_1290 100_1293 100_1299-2 100_1301


I have no idea why some photos is of so poor quality. Must be iPhone photos of the early kind. Had my plastic iPhone 3 for a loooong time. Now I it time to swith to a 5. Time flyes.. It certainly was a happy time in Sicily and the churches (that small part that I got to see due to a lousy rule) was of an entire different magnitude.


I also still have the wooden earrings me and Caroline bought on the island.

100_1321 100_1322




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