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On the hunt for grey filters (ND-filters) for my camera.

I´ve been out trying some night or late evening photography to do some long shutter speed lanscape photography. It started by midsummer, the Swedish holiday, when I read about it in some camera magazines. Yesterday I went for a walk and brought the tripod. It was around 22.00 in the evening and later.


The problem in Sweden is not just the mosquitos, yesterday I couldn´t wait by the camera by that reason so the result weren´t so many photos with long shutterspead (need to get some photo-clothing as well..), but also that it is to light outside. It isn´t possible to use as long shutterspeed as I want to. The solution, so I´ve heard is grey filters/ or ND-filter.

Now to the problem- there is so many to choose from. There is different brands as well as different types. Some you mount directly on to the lens and others you add a holder and place a filter that isn´t round but square shaped. I get frustrated about Whats the difference for me as a user? Which one is best? Is low price okay? etc..

Everybody out there. What grey filters do you use? And bad ones I should avoid?


Pic 1, 2- longer shutterspead (around 1/4 to 1sek)

Pic 3,4- before editing eith higher iso and same photo after editing

Pic 5, higher iso and manual focus to get the sign in  focus

Pic 6, 7, 8- a bit longer shutter spead under a street lamp next to a church. 1/15 sek (iso 5000), 8sek (iso 100) and 15 sek (iso 100) shutterspead! I have to admit that my camera does well on higher iso:s. My eye can´t see any difference, can yours? or? look below for the result.

HH7A6562-2 HH7A6567-2



HH7A6580-4 HH7A6580-3
HH7A6588 HH7A6596-2 HH7A6601 HH7A6606






















Pic 1, iso 5000 pic, cropped.

Pic 2, iso 100, cropped.

Yes, it makes a big difference with long shutterspead and low iso.

HH7A6596-3 HH7A6601-3













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