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New camera equipment- A vintagelooking camera bag.

Bought some new camera equipment on after getting back from Lima. For you who deosn´t know, Aliexpress is a good place to look into for weird and cheap stuff. Since I was a broke student some weeks ago (still is) it was a good alternative to buy camera equipment that otherwise, I am sad to say, is very expensive in Sweden.

This vintage looking camera bag arrived during the week and I´m waiting for some other equipment to come soon. This bag doesn´t look very big but both my work lap top fits into it along with my Canon 5D Mark iii, as well as one lens. There is also two side pockets and one on the back where I keep my phones as well have easy access to my wallet.

I have decided to carry my 50mm (cheap) Canon lens with me to work and wherever I go so I can take all these spontaneous photos that I love to take.. 🙂

During my three months in Lima, I carried around everything in a camera backpack from LovePro that cost around 180 dollars (1200 sek) compared to this vintage-looking thing that I got to the bargain price of 37 dollars (250sek).

The shipping is free but takes some time.


Vintage Camera bag with no name from as well as iPhone 5 (my work phone) and Canon 24-105 mm, f4, Canon lens. The photo is taken with my Canon 50 mm, f 1,8 ii, lens.

HH7A6275 HH7A6277


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