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Thousands of dolphins stranded and dead in Peru two years ago- remains a mystery?

A couple of years ago thousands of dolphins stranded and died on the coast of Peru and the reason was and remain a mystery.

Interviewing Barbara Fraser, environmental reporter in Peru for my thesis, she mentioned the dolphins during the interview, and said that this might remain a mystery. I remember reading about it in a short notice in a Swedish newspaper when it happened, but nothing more than that. Barbara, on the other hand, have written an excellent article to read to be enlightened in the subject.

It can be read here.

The marine eco system are easily forgotten, might be since we are land animals ourself. But it is important that every now and then think about the seas and what we are doing to them as fishing and oil-drilling. The latter could be the reason to the mass death of the dolphins since they easily get disoriented by sounds. It could also be an enhancement of chemicals, due to the fact that the dolphins are high in the foodchain and by this logic then have higher levels of the substance in their body. Mass- deaths have occurred before in the 80s and 90s, due to DDT and equal chemicals.

Some claim natural causes as the reason, but I am not convinced.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in Lightroom


 The marine eco system found in Parachas. Exploited by tourism but viewed as untouched.



  1. I most certainly didn’t LIKE this post – I found it extremely distressing, as I am sure you found it to be during your interview, Katarina. But we should know about these things, if only to keep us all aware of what mankind is doing to our beautiful planet …

    • haha yes. Well. My interviews isn´t really surrounding this isssue, it was just something that came up and yes, massdeaths are always chocking. Haven´t found the actually number of deaths either, it seams to be 900 but don´t find much news in english more than Barbaras fantastic article. Wan´t to read more about this but it seems like the news about this have died, wonder why.

      • Because something else took the reporters’ interest. That’s always what happens.

        • haha no. It came up hen discussing what they had been reporting on, but I have focused on the climate change and water issue, but they have of course reported on other stuff as well.

  2. I also found this story very disturbing. I had not heard about this mass death of dolphins but I can’t imagine this would be ’natural’. Unfortunately man is so destructive to the environment and everything suffers because of it … yet the naysayers disclaim it 🙁

    • Yes well. I can be related to oildrilling or chemicals, something which very strong (economically) companies are behind which means that they will kill every argument environmentalists have as long as they can and if the researcher can´t say, ”it was this reason” but ”the animals had high levels of this” and ”this part of the body tells that they where disturbed by sound” they still get away with it. Strong scientific proof seems to be the way to go if you wan´t companies to change their minds. Or maybe, consumer power depending.

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