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What do you wan´t to read about in the blog category travel?

Answer the poll down below.

I´ve decided to focus more on travel on the blog since I travel a lot and are planing to travel to both Gotland (a Swedish island in the Baltic sea) and to the music festival Way out West in Gothenburg (Swedens second biggest city) during the summer. I might also travel during the fall. Even if this is not yet planned I made contact with the bloggers, a Swedish fashion and style blog by two ladies who knows what they are talking about. They are planing a trip to Paris this fall which me and my mother might go on if the dates are possible for us. I really hope so since Paris is my dream ! Of course, as you who follow me know, I´m currently in Lima Peru for 3 months. Soon only about half of the time is left of this grand adventure.

I really wan´t to engage you readers a lot in this blog, since I love comments. This is why I decided to do my first poll. I don´t have the hopes up for so many answers but hope that you who always comment give your opinion on what in the category of travel, you wan´t to read more about. 


Today I had a lovely day visiting China town in Lima, yet again, and also going to San Christobal, a big cross up on a hill. This you will read about in the next post, accompanied with a lot of photos of the adventure.

The travel outfit of the day, in the famous staircase where we live–> Photo taken by Martin with my Canon 5D. Since it is a tricky lighting circumstance and Martin is not interested in taking photos, this photo I edited in Lightroom.




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