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A videoblog post: Going to the zoo.

Yesterday me and Martin, Abel and Louisa where at the zoo and I decided for a videblogpost from the zoo. As always I have some issues with the sound, still haven´t got an extra mic for the camera or a weird sound protector for the mic I actually have. Haven´t found the right store yet but are looking. So for you camera and Lima lovers out there, please send me a tip on where I can find a camera store.

Enjoy the film about the zoo. Bare in mind that this is not a journalistic report, just another blogpost.

I would like you to comment on the following (or other stuff if you have any other ideas):

1. For you who have followed the debate about the zoo:s- what is your opinion in the matter?

2. In zoos there is a lot of children and families, children who have learned a lot about the wildlife in the zoo:s. How could we do this in another way if not by zoo:s anymore?

Katarina (filmed in HD resolution with my Canon 5D and converted to Youtube HD for lessening the size)




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