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A videoblog post: Going to the zoo.

Yesterday me and Martin, Abel and Louisa where at the zoo and I decided for a videblogpost from the zoo. As always I have some issues with the sound, still haven´t got an extra mic for the camera or a weird sound protector for the mic I actually have. Haven´t found the right store yet but are looking. So for you camera and Lima lovers out there, please send me a tip on where I can find a camera store.

Enjoy the film about the zoo. Bare in mind that this is not a journalistic report, just another blogpost.

I would like you to comment on the following (or other stuff if you have any other ideas):

1. For you who have followed the debate about the zoo:s- what is your opinion in the matter?

2. In zoos there is a lot of children and families, children who have learned a lot about the wildlife in the zoo:s. How could we do this in another way if not by zoo:s anymore?

Katarina (filmed in HD resolution with my Canon 5D and converted to Youtube HD for lessening the size)




  1. You have on this video a PERFECT example of what’s wrong with zoos, Katarina – that little creature (I have no idea what it is, but it looks a little bit like a badger) that keeps running and running round and round through the tracks it’s made in the grass … I couldn’t watch that: it’s too distressing. It doesn’t know what it’s doing; but it certainly isn’t in a habitat it should be in, and its behaviour patterns are without meaning because it doesn’t belong there.
    I loathe zoos, with their walls and their fences and their hard ground and their endless people … Animals should be in their own environments, that’s that.
    THAT’s what you do to teach kids about animals, my beautiful friend. Peru has the space. Every country that still keeps animals in zoos could find the space.
    Sorry for the rave – animals are a tender spot in my horrible old hide. 😀

    • Oj oj. That was a long post. Yes. I agree. totally. Well I´m vegetarian so I should maybe. But wanted to keep the post open for different angles but most people don´t think it is right to keep animals in cages, but some are just agains zoo:s and I don´t think zoo:s are particularly different to normal breeding of animals for food and we still do that. And I see some value for education since I remember a lot from going to the zoo when I was a kid and later on when I studied the natural sciences and the behavior of animals. But as you say. Maybe it is time to rethink the zoo-thing at least, make them bigger, keep less animals or maybe there is other solutions to animal conservations. I don´t have all the answers but think it is time to modernize the zoos around the world in some way.

      • Precisely. Which is why I sent you the link to the place in Dubbo. If they were all like that, I’d be happy.

        • That was a very big one, I agree with you on this. This is different. Most zoo:s though, are not so big. (at least the ones I have visited.)

  2. Och så kan man ju förstås göra bättre Djurparker också. Jag sticker inte under stol att jag gillar gå på zoo.
    Men de ska vara rymliga och välskötta.
    Man ska inte glömma bort att idag har nästan var och en en hund hemma, som är också begränsade i sitt liv. vissa får kanske bara gå runt kvarteret och får ingen motion alls.
    Men zoo som inte sköts ska ju stängas.

    • Jo det är sant. Zoo som inte sköts ska ju stängas. Margraret skickade en länk på ett zoo lite ovan som är ganska stort och det kan jag se en skillnad i då mycket av de där tixen djuren får tycks vara av utrymmesbrist. Jag tror inte, utan att egentligen veta, att det beror så mycket på människorna som går och tittar på dem. De som däremot tycks reagera på människor är aporna, men om det är negativt i någon bemärkelse vet jag inte. Och med det argumentet om att vi har djur hemma håller jag med dig. Det finns många hundar och hästar som inte har hälften så stor plats som djuren på zoo så vet inte riktigt om man inte då borde kolla på hemmadjur också.

  3. Interesting 🙂 We think it is important to have zoos so that people: children and adults alike, can learn more about animals and conservation. The breeding programs within zoos are also very useful especially to endangered species. We have been to a few zoos though where the animals are in tiny cages and are the enclosures are like concrete prisons. This is where we feel it is not fair to animals.
    Where possible, zoos need to try and ensure that animals are in an enclosure that is similar to their natural habitat. Admittedly though, at times there are animals who are safer inside zoos than outside where they are potentially subjected to poachers or deforestation.
    There will always be two sides of the ”argument” 🙂

    • Absolutely. I haven´t really made up my mind about this one. But yes, I agree with the ”close to the natural habitat” argument. But zoo´s have a wide range of animals like polar beers for once and I would say that this is a bit tricky, doing a habitat that is similar to the natural one. I have been to zoo´s where they have polar bears, and must say, the ones I have seen behave most oddly. But, as you say I is also the thing a about conservation of the species. Well, this doesn´t always go hand in hand with animal rights and being nice to the animals, which also was what awoke the debate in Sweden and Denmark when the Copenhagen zoo put down one healthy animal for science, and now later an entire family (I think) of lions or something similar, due to letting the a new ”fresher” example into the stock, or something similar in argument. The Eskilstuna zoo on the other hand, had economical problems and hade a lot of put down animals lying around, I´m not sure what they where going to do with them, but it was also a part of a preservation program. So who knows what is going down behind those locked doors, I may dare to say.

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