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Miraflores- a place for selfies and love.

Har under hela dagen varit i Miraflores och shoppat, shoppat och shoppat. Det blev kanske inte så mycket shoppar som jag hade tänkt mig men desto mer fönstershopping. Köpte dock en bikini eftersom jag glömde min hemma, men frågan är om det blir så mycket bada trots det tropiska klimatet. Martin har väl efter 2-3 veckors jobb tappat ungefär 10 kilo i vikt, se bildbevisen nedan, och kommer såklart fortsatt jobba i den takten. Ja och den andra sidan måste skriva på min uppsats, vilket man bäst gör i en sval och tempererad miljö.

Har kommit en bit med uppsatsen nu, eller åtminstone börjat. Har skrivit några sidor på den teoretiska delen och läst säkert hela tre vetenskapliga artiklar och en bok vid detta laget. Låter kanske lite, men har haft fullt upp tills nu med annat, men nu blir det full fart med artiklar och teori för att få det gjort.

I Miraflores bestämde jag mig för att det fick bli dags för en massa, massa selfies och foton på mig för jag är då själv nästan aldrig med på kort! Jag kan leta mig fördärvad bland semesterbilder och inte hitta några på mig så nu var det dags.

Vi avslutade dagen i Parque a la Amour, ett känt koncept i Miraflores. Imorrn bär det av till zoo i någon annan del av Lima. Får ser hur jag upplever det. Det har ju varit en hel del heta debatter om just zoo:n och djurhållning på nätet och har själv inte riktigt reflekterat över den frågan. Vad tycker ni?


The photos where taken with my Samsung NX 10, because I didn´t have the energy to drag my Canon with me. I regretted that at some points since I didn´t bring my zoom lenses to my Samsung, and only had the 16mm which if you know anything about photo is not zoomed in at all. At this point I give Antonia, a photoblogger right about the zoom. You miss it when you leave it home.


SAM_5522 SAM_5525 SAM_5531 SAM_5539 SAM_5552 SAM_5553 SAM_5555 SAM_5558 SAM_5560 SAM_5563 SAM_5571 SAM_5573 SAM_5577 SAM_5580 SAM_5581 SAM_5587 SAM_5590 SAM_5592 SAM_5594 SAM_5599 SAM_5608 SAM_5612 SAM_5613 SAM_5614 SAM_5617 SAM_5619 SAM_5620 SAM_5621 SAM_5625 SAM_5630-2 SAM_5635 SAM_5636 SAM_5640 SAM_5646 SAM_5654 SAM_5658 SAM_5660 SAM_5672 SAM_5681 SAM_5682 SAM_5683 SAM_5687 SAM_5709 SAM_5712 SAM_5718 SAM_5720 SAM_5722 SAM_5724 SAM_5744 SAM_5745 SAM_5748 SAM_5749 SAM_5762 SAM_5770 SAM_5773 SAM_5776 SAM_5782 SAM_5792 SAM_5799 SAM_5803 SAM_5809 SAM_5811 SAM_5816 SAM_5817 SAM_5831 SAM_5841 SAM_5856 SAM_5865 SAM_5878 SAM_5890




Throughout the day been in Miraflores and been shopping , shopping and shopping . It was perhaps not so much shopping as I had imagined but the more window shopping. However bought a bikini because I forgot mine at home , but the question is whether it will be so much bathing after all, despite the tropical climate . Martin has well after 2-3 weeks of work lost about 10 pounds in weight , see picture evidence below , and will of course continue to work at this speed. Yes, I on the other hand must write my essay , which is best to do in a cool temperated environment .

Have done some of the essay now , or at least begun. Has written a few pages on the theoretical part and read say three scientific articles and a book by now. Sounds maybe a little, but have been busy until now with other things , but now it’s full speed ahead with articles and theory to get it done.

In Miraflores, I decided that there might be time for a lot, lot  and lot of selfies and photos of me for I am almost never on the photos myself! I can scroll through thousands of vacation images and do not find any on me so now it was time.

We ended the day in Parque a la Amour, a well-known concept in Miraflores. Tomorrow it’s off to the zoo in another part of Lima. Will see how I experience it . There ’s been a lot of heated debates about zoo and the animals that live in the zoo online and myself have not really thought about that question. What do you think? it is against animal rights to have a animal in a zoo?



  1. Oh … there are SO MANY photos I would like to comment on, Katarina ! – there isn’t room within a mere comment. So I shall restrict myself to a few.
    (1) THE PANTS ! – gorgeous.
    (2) Who on earth was Martin talking to on his phone ????!
    (3) The shots of the pair of you snogging – adorable !
    (4) That wide shot of everyone DANCING ! – how wonderful !!!
    (5) Various shots of you mugging. This is a word to describe someone in front of a camera doing silly things with his/her face: and mugging is definitely what you’re doing ! – very much fun !!
    (6) The little cat being patted.
    (7) Your terrific sandals.
    (8) A really lovely 2S of you resting your chin on Martin’s shoulder.
    (9) No. I don’t like zoos AT ALL. They should all become wildlife reserves where the animals can roam about. No animal should be kept in a cage.
    PHEW ! – I’m exhausted.
    SUPER POST !!!!! 🙂

    • Haha. Yeah. It wasn´t short I tell you. 🙂 Took me some time to upload the photos. Thanks for all the great comments on the photos. a comment on the cat: they said that there is so much cats in that area that try to sneak into buildings that there have to be personel taking them out. Another problem not so different from the zoo discussion. I will take one new post to discuss the zoo thing with photos from there but my main argument is that. 1 As you say, all animals should be free 2. I have a hard time seeing the difference between a giraff and a cow, why I don´t really get the people who just are upset at zoos.

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