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My new theme.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I decided to change the theme and do some mayor updates on my blog to to it more professional. I hope you like it since I paid the price of both money, sweat and slow internetconnection while doing so. I would love to hear your comments, surely, but probably won´t change much since I love it.

I will continue to work on width of the page, widgets and categories. Adding new bigger photos as featured photos takes time, so please be patient.



  1. No, I promise it’s not too wide, Katarina – on my monitor it’s perfect ! But my screen resolution is 1028 X 1024, and there are many people who have their monitors set so that the aspect is longer than wide … Then again: there are people whose monitors are MUCH wider than mine ! – no idea what their screen res. is. I shall ask Maggie Wilson, because she sent me a screengrab showing how much wider hers is than mine.
    Anyway … if you ask everyone to let you know what screen resolution they’re using, you’ll know if you have problems.
    I like it MUCH MUCH BETTER !!!

    • yeah. I love it. Yes, this thing with different resolutions are killing me. 😉 On mine its superwide. Have no idea why. Might need to change my settings myself.

      • You need to make sure that your screen resolution is correct for your monitor. It should offer you the right one when you right-click on your desktop.
        I forgot: dunno if you’re PC or Mac. 🙁

        • A mac 🙂 and this is no problem normally so this is why i haven´t thought of it but maybe it is just me 🙂 will look into this. How are you by the way?

          • Just sat down at the PC when some stupid arsehole started pressing my intercom – at 5:15 in the morning ! It would’ve been one of the residents who knows I’m up early, and who had forgotten his/her keys. Stiff shit: I don’t open my door at 5:15 am.
            Sorry, still grumpy …
            In fact I had a good night’s sleep, for which I’m always grateful. Just started going through my notificatons, and then it’s on to the emails of posts …
            Hug to you, my beautiful Swedish friend …

          • I follow about 160, that’s all, and thank all the gods they don’t all post every day. I suppose I get through about, oh, 90 emails over the course of a day …? When I open my Inbox about 50–60 come in, and the rest throughout the day: it’s this bloody time shift thing.
            But I pick the eyes out of the Inbox first, then have breakfast, then return and start from the bottom …
            I think I’ve decided that the number of followers can be an albatross around the neck …

          • Oh GOD. That is a lot! I follow them I´n my reader. Don´t do the email thing since I have a lot of other emails. But on the other hand it is good to keep the dialogue with many. It is so interersting to know what is happening all over the globe.

          • I loathe the Reader. It allows people to like or comment without actually visiting the site. It makes stats meaningless. WordPress at its worst: giving you things that cancel each other out. 😐

          • haha ok. Well. I would like it to be better, but like the reader. I would like to be able to filter etc. For exampl (today I wan´t to read M.Rs post, Antonia, iris etc.) ) Or by subject.

          • Yes, I understand that or busy people it’s very useful.
            To be honest, as I’ve never used it, I haven’t the faintest idea how it works.

          • No. But you are right. And yours I can´t read in the reader, you have put that as not possible so you don´t have to worry. I on a daily basis visit your blog. But right now, when the internet is a bit grumpy, it would be useful not to have to load entire sites for reading one post, to give once example of the usefulness.

          • ?!
            What exactly does it say about not being able to see my site via the Reader, please, Katarina ?

          • It´s says something like the first lines, and then you have a link that says 500 more words to give a example. When you press that link in your case, it says that this action is not aloud on this blog. (about) I can´t even access the reader at the moment. My internet is very grumpy.

          • Bloody AMAZING ! As far as I know there IS no choice available to prevent others reading one’s blog via the Reader … certainly I would use it if I knew about it; but I can only imagine this has come as a result of my complaining vigorously about the Reader to WordPress.
            When you can see it again, would you take a screengrab of it and send it to me by email, please, Katarina ? –

          • yes, of course. this I will remember. Don´t use the reader so much nowadays, maybe once a week. Mainly visit the blogs I like instead.

  2. Fin uppdatering av bloggen, även om den gamla också var bra! Snyggt och överskådligt. Helt enkelt inbjudande för läsaren. Påminner mig om att min egen blogg borde få sig en ”ansiktslyftning”. Fast det får nog vänta tills C-uppsatsen är färdig senare i vår 🙂

    • Jo, jag kände att jag verkligen ville ha ett tema jag gillar så nu fick det kosta. Men är mycket nöjd generellt med temat. Bara att utöka det temat man har hjälper ju mycket. Vad skriver du om som c-uppsats? Jag har ju precis börjat med d-uppsatsen och ska göra en bildanalys av hur klimatförändringar framställs i peruansk media.

      • Det blir en intervjustudie om män i hem- och konsumentkunskapsläraryrket (vilket ord!). Förmodligen kryddas med en del maskulinitetsteori!

          • Jo, det ska bli spännande att undersöka deras roll och identitet. Men givetvis också lite svårt på C-nivå. Jag menar, ska man gå på djupet snackar vi en avhandling…

          • Jo, men du vet. Min kompis gjorde sin c-uppsats på en sak och nu när han gör sin d-uppsats forsätter han med samma och gräver djupare. Då blir det riktigt bra tror jag. 🙂 Under c-uppsatsen kan man lägga mycket fokus på teorin och sen gräva djupare analytiskt i d-uppsatsen.

          • Precis! Maskulinitetsteori är dock rätt stort och egentligen inte en Hkk-students hemmaplan. Men med lite inläsning blir det nog bra.

          • Ja, absolut. Du har den tid du har och professorerna förväntar sig inte mer än 1. en engagerad student (vilket du redan är 2. att man reflekterar kritiskt. Lite generaliserat, men mycket mer än så behövs sällan. Man kan ju inte göra en superstudie första gången man gör en. Man har ju fullt sjå att lära sig metoden man har valt t ex.

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