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My friend and Media Wizard, Anders Hallberg and the Occupy Central Movement

This post will be in English due to that Anders and me, are students in the same program, Journalism Connected in Örebro University in Sweden.

I wan´t to tell a story about Anders, a crazy but always helpful media and technology person that helps me through my difficult times in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Indesign you name it. He is also the one making my stay in Peru easier through always bringing his laptop to lectures so I can participate through Skype AND AND AND recording the ones that I can not participate on, which basically is every morning due to the time difference.

These nice gestures maybe seem to pass unnoticed, but they are not going to longer. Anders is as Rime going to do a documentary for his final thesis and is also going to crowd-fund this. (GO TO THE CROWD-FUNDING SITE RIGHT NOW.) But Anders, next to Rime that is staying in Europe, are going for Hongkong to report on the Occupy Central Movement. Have you heard of this weird name before (?!), me neither. Well you can read all of it on Anders blogs FOUND HERE.

Anders is big on democracy issues, well so am I, but not so big (or have no knowledge of) Asia and what is going on there. But that maybe also be the problem and just why it is important for Anders to make it to Hongkong. And as the media wizard he is, he have done a entertaining film with as much drama in it you almost will believe you are in the military, walking those stomping steps as just only a military dude can.

Anders, I´m borrowing this without asking as the true plagiarism witch I am.

You might by now wonder why I write in this odd manner. I will tell you why. Because this is the true feature of Anders Hallberg, Media Wizard and soon to be documentary filmer.

Photos of Anders, but also of my amazing class, Journalism Connected, Örebro University, Sweden.

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