Peru, Resor, Sydamerika
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And here is Peru.

Nu är den lååååånga flyresan över och vi har nått Peru. En vacker stad, med omväxlande miljö, hetsig trafik och fuktig luft väntade oss när vi klev ur planet och ut från Jorge Chavez. Den första dagen gick åt att hitta sandaler och på ett disorienterat sätt försöka förstår hur praktiska saker som, Hur öppnar man en dörr?, Får man spola ner toalettpappret? och Smakar kaffet kaffe eller kattpiss? funkar. En natt senare har jag nu svaren på frågorna ni söker, dörrknoppen går att vrida åt båda hållen beroende på mission med risk att the Adjustment Bureau kliver ut bakom nästa dörr, nej man får inte spola ner toalettpappret och JA, KAFFET SMAKAR KAFFE (puh)!

Elia tog med oss till ett centro comercial (Mega City, haha passande namn), ett shopping mal för att jag skulle få köpa ett par sandaler och för oss att kika lite i. 7 skobutiker senare lyckades jag klämma i mina något lätt svullna resfötter (Elia kallade de skämtsamt för majskolvar) och Martin köpte ett par jeans.

Transl. Now the long flight is over and we have reached Peru. A beautiful city , with a varied environment , quick traffic and humid air awaited us when we stepped off the plane and out of Jorge Chavez . The first day was spent finding sandals and a disorienterat way trying to understand how practical things like , How do you open a door ? , Can you flush down toilet paper? and Tastes coffee coffee or cat piss ? works. One night later , I now have the answers to the questions you seek , door knob can rotate in both directions depending on the mission at the risk of the Adjustment Bureau steps out behind the next door , no one should not flush down the toilet paper and YES , THE COFFEE TASTES COFFEE ( puh ) !

Elia took us to a centro comercial ( Megacity , haha ), a shopping mal. I had to buy a pair of sandals, and after going into seven shoe stores I managed to squeeze in my somewhat slightly swollen feet (Elia called them jokingly cobs) and Martin bought a pair of jeans.



Arlanda Airport. 


Martin i fashionabel reshatt. Eng: Martin wearing a fashionable travelinghat.


Abba the museum, Arlanda.

Mamma Maria Benitez


Starbucks, Arlanda

Fine dining, Arlanda

HH7A6855 HH7A6858 HH7A6863

Heathrow, London

Heathrow, London


Sushi, London Heathrow


English Breakfast, LondonHH7A6908

Going to Miami, still in HeathrowHH7A6912 HH7A6915 HH7A6922

Miami International, Sushi


Jorge Chaves, Peru


HH7A6941 HH7A6945

Centro de Comercial, Mega Plaza, LimaHH7A6946 HH7A6947 HH7A6949 HH7A6954 HH7A6955 HH7A6956 HH7A6960 HH7A6964 HH7A6965 HH7A6975

Mariscos Mixta Frita

chilcano de pescado

Chilcano de pescadoceviche


jalea mixta pescado y mariscos HH7A6978 HH7A6985


  1. Spännande bilder från långväga. Från minimalistisk svensk start till maximalistisk Lima.

  2. Great to see you’re alive and kicking, m’dear ! 😀 Lotta food in that collection … Do I see pollution in the shot with the mountains in the background …?

    • No. Lima is famous for it´s fog. But there is a lot of traffic, but don´t think that it is pollution you see. There will be a lot of foodphotos. Where at a fruitmarket today. Awesome! 🙂

        • No. It is ocean level. But there is fog by some reason. IT is a subtropical climate with microclimates. It is by the equator but a cold stream from the north pass by outside Lima. The Andes on the other hand have glaciers and very different climate. Here the temperature is about the same all year around.

          • Sighh … Getting it confused with the country where the people all have red cheeks. Which one? – never mind!
            You been reading up on all this??? 😉

          • Haha. Don´t know if I ever come across the red cheeks. Have no idea what country that is. haha. 🙂 Martin and me had a chuckle. I shortly looked into the climate before packing but didn´t really get a clear idea of how it was but packed right.

          • Fairly hot, yes?
            I meant Bolivia: it’s HIGH.
            Like a lot of people in South America, I believe. [grin]

          • hahahaha 🙂 yes. it´s fairly hot but the coast. And we are studying on the rooftop, which is supernice. 🙂

          • OK … looking forward to many more pic.s of delicious food – which, happily, I can never eat. Just as well.
            Sighh … 🙂

  3. Ooo – what a fab adventure – and the food’s been looking great (apart from the nasty English brekkie)! Shame there hasn’t been any Adjustment Bureau dudes popping up yet though… if you spot one, nab me a hat! 😉

    • The food is crazygood here, on the other side I love English food to so maybe not the best judge of what is good. 🙂 I will grab a hat to all of us if that happens.

  4. Den där varma fuktiga luften som möter en när man kliver av planet – så speciellt och alltid lite knockande. Härliga bilder med mycket mat och ätande, haha!

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