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Saying goodbye to Grythyttan, for real!

Nu åker vi snart! Det känns overkligare än overkligast. Dags att göra ett nytt inlägg om förberedelser (så att jag kommer igång med mitt packande), för vi åker på lördag och jag har inte börjat packa ännu! Få inte panik nu. Det får inte jag.. *host* Tänkte berätta om avslutningskvällen (onsdag) i bilder för den som vill vara med!

Soon we are leaving! It feels more unreal than unreal. Time to do a new post about preparations (so I will start with my packing), for we go on Saturday and I have not started packing yet! Do not panic now. I don´t. * coughing discretely * Are telling the story about saying goodbye in Grythyttan (Wednesday) in pictures for those who want to join!

All pics taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii and the 50 mm lens, f1.8. Most are edited in Lightroom to adjust the light, but some are not. Check them out and you´ll see!


Martin cut his hair! No more ponytail boy.

HH7A5995 HH7A5997

This photo and the following 2 is not edited. The fog made a fantastic light during the evening, really setting the mood to a, soon we are leaving and now we are going to have fun, feeling.HH7A5998 HH7A5999 HH7A6007

On our way to the pub, we caught up with this guys on the famous Sjögatan.

This photo is fantastic. My autofocus spoke to me, don´t take photos of people, take photos of the sky. Sorry Tobbe, but I did catch you on film later though.HH7A6010 HH7A6014 HH7A6024

Cornelis, a lovely pub in the small village of Grythyttan where many hours are spend, drinking beverages for adults.HH7A6025 HH7A6027

This is the famous Cornelis Vreeswijk, the singer songwriter the got to be very famous in Sweden in the mid 20th century. Read about him on Wikipedia here. It is in English! yeyHH7A6035-2HH7A6038 HH7A6041

This is Tobias, the guy who magically disappeared in the other pic.HH7A6045 HH7A6047 HH7A6048 HH7A6049 HH7A6051 HH7A6052 HH7A6053 HH7A6062

Skål everybody!HH7A6067 HH7A6068 HH7A6071 HH7A6077

Ulrich, the breewer-master of Grythyttans Brygghus. Which I did an article / film about before which you find here.HH7A6078 HH7A6080 HH7A6083 HH7A6087 HH7A6105 HH7A6110 HH7A6112 HH7A6115HH7A6120 HH7A6123 HH7A6127 HH7A6138Going home early to be able to get up early and continue to edit my film and do some infographics.

Hope you enjoyed this short photostory.



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