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the castle in Kromeriz

And with a castle garden a castle most follow. When in the Czech republic we also took a tour in the castle, of course.

The guide in the castle didn´t speak English so our tour guide had to translate, but the part about some parts of Indiana Jones being shot here, I got. How amazing?


kromeriz_castle-5 kromeriz_castle-6 kromeriz_castle-7 kromeriz_castle-8 kromeriz_castle-9

kromeriz_castle-12 kromeriz_castle-13

kromeriz_castle-19 kromeriz_castle-20

kromeriz_castle-26 kromeriz_castle-27 kromeriz_castle-28

An odd part might be the stuffed animals I admit. Who even likes stuffed animals nowadays?

Afterward me Daniella and Nicoline, the nordic girls, took a stroll to the closest café and had a cappuccino and some great cake.

In the evening, it was time for a microbrewery experience.


The castle is also on the world heritage list and are found here. To see photo from the garden connected to the castle – click here.

kromeriz_castle-33 kromeriz_castle-34 kromeriz_castle-35


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