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Shifting blog- language into Swedish – a though decision

I have been thinking about it for a while and have decided after listing the pros and cons, that I am to shift language into Swedish. It is difficult not writing in your mother language and this is the main reason to my shift.

From the 3rd of January (tomorrow) I do the switch

So from tomorrow, I will shift and start writing in Swedish, again. The original blog that always have been written in the name was written in Swedish early stage but was soon changed due to my journalism studies in English and my trip to Peru.

The pros for me is as mentioned above that it is much easier for me to write in Swedish since my vocabulary is larger in this language. Some say that you loose at least 10 intelligence points when arguing in your second language, I don´t know about that, but the statement you make is clearer at least. In Sweden and in my own nisch there is less competition and therefor I think I can give the Swedish market something more than I can competing on a international market. My main audience is Swedes as it is now anyway.

There is of course some cons as well and the pros can be shifted into cons as when discussing the Swedish market, which is a very narrow blog market. There is a risk that I therefor loose a number of readers, some of you. Of course I hope that this isn´t the case.

It will take me some time to do the switch in language in categories and so forth (actually, this I dread), but I will as soon as possible. I do it now as a start of the new year, making it easier to see and follow what my readers think about the decision, through statistics and comments.

To begin with I wont have any translation possibilities but if you have google chrome, the page (I hope) will translate automatically.

Changing the language is part of my blog-strategy for 2016. My main goals is to reach more people, have better quality and more cooperations. This strategy I have been working on during my winter leave off work. I think that changing the language can make the quality better and make it easier for me to co-laberate with partners in the travel industry. The risk is an decreasing number of readers to begin with.

I hope that you are okay with this decision. I am though interested in your opinion and that you let me know what you think about this in a comment down below.


This is me, by Helena Gunnare. Shot by the lake Tåkern. Helena hans also shot the photo that is featured.



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