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Brown brand new photo boots, a hat I got for Christmas and new year resolutions, light

*Squeak*, the snow below my new brown leather shoes is crunching, as if the weather was ment to arrive with my new boots. 

Now wait, it most likely is the other way arround. I bought the shoes to fit the weather. Ah, yes *lightbulb*. Every year it is the same way around, a struggle to find comfortable warm and good looking shoes suited for my forest endeavours. At least I timed it well this year and managed to buy them before a long forest walk and some photography before heading home to Stockholm.


The boots wasn´t the only thing I got for Christmas but one of the few things I got for myself. Here are some Christmas gifts I got. I like that when getting older, you tend to get gift you actually use. Like people now you better when you are older.

Christmas presents

  • Best places to be and the Ultimate Travel list, by Lonely planet, from the boyfriend. Travel gifts are the best!
  • A necklace by Susanna, M´s stephmom
  • Handcream and footcream for reaaaallly dry feet from my aunt. Appearently she knows me.
  • The bling bling cap in the photos below, from mom
  • Food from Martins grandmother. The best apple chutney with curry I ever tried! Nom nom.
  • And some money for a new camera lens. I am heading out later today to check some models out. Looking for a wide angle and a tele zoom. You who follow me know that I shoot almost all photos with my Sigma 50 mm lens. It is time for some new friends for my 50 mm so it will get a Christmas break.

What did you get for Christmas?

Winter bling bling from mom.


New photo bag i bought in November at the photo fair. Don´t remember if I have shown it to you before?

New year resolutions

If to have any new year promises that would be to shoot more quality photos and spend more time in nature. Not very difficult ones to keep, but I don´t believe in ”loose 5 kilos so I fit in my favorite dress” kind of promise.

Do you have any new year resolutions?



winter_shoes_brown-7winter_shoes_brown-8winter_shoes_brown-9All photos of me and my shoes are shot by Martin and edited by me. The rest of the photos are shot by me as always with my Canon 5D Mark iii and Sigma 50 mm art lens.
Location: Forest outside Gullringen, Småland (Sweden).


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