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For the love of beaches – Varamon, Motala

Small sunbeams pushes  through the pines and the turquoise water ripple behind them when we approach the beach. No one could ever imagine December being like this in Sweden but I am just happy to see the sun and don´t think much about it. Stepping out on the fine grained, white sand the wind catches my hair and it is just one word that comes to mind. Peace. vättern_varamon-2vättern_varamon-3vättern_varamon-4

I always have a hard time stopp taking photos of beaches.  I tend to find all beaches amazing in their own way. Of course I dream of the beaches of New Zeeland more than I dream about the beaches close to home, but the ones close to home (that will say Sweden) is underestimated.

Just look at it.

Some other beaches that me lens came across. Beaches.



Varamon beach is Swedens biggest lake beach with it´s 500m stretch of sand along Vättern. Since the photographer Helena Gunnare, my friend, lives in Mottala, it felt compulsory to take a look at this long stretch of sand when I visited her.

The name Varamon isn´t just a beach, but the name of the entire area, which holds both summer cabins, houses, restaurants and more.

Since Vättern often have great winds for surfers there is clubs here. Varamon surfclub (Varamon surfklubb)  have been here for almost 40 years.




The photos are shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm Art lens.


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