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The weather has been a bit odd lately, cold and rainy mostly, and there is a total lack of sunshine. It is just grey. Sweden has its grey period. It comes every year but we seem to believe that it wont and are chocked when it does. Rainy weather a side this week has been filled with fun

Tuesday- Bought a pair of Näbbskor  and went to a Better bloggers meet on Scandic Clara

Wednesday – julbord (christmas food) with work on Skansen

Thursday – the travel girls Annika and Lisa released their travel pod Att Resa Podden giving us a travel pod worth listening to, finally

Tuesday I attended the bbt meet with Konsumentverket where Konsumentverket informed us bloggers about new guidelines for commercial material in blogs. The meet was a start up for the campaign #JagSmygerInte.


The campaign is about taking a stand as a blogger against hidden commercials and want bloggers to be more clear about whats commercials and not on our blogs.

According to Konsumentverket there isn’t really any difference between commercials and commercials why all commercials on blogs basically should be marked with ”AD” first thing in the blog post. Asking them if it is okay to write ”In collaboration with” they say that they are not sure that this is clear enough for the reader and it is really the reader and its view that is important. The reader need to know if it is commercial so that they can decide early on not to continue to read the post.


How to make it clear to the reader that the blog post is commercial

from the guide of Konsumentverket and as the picture show above

Suggestions on how to:

• Mark the post with ”AD” or ”Commercial” in the beginning and the end of the post.

• Make it clear to the reader and let the reader know early that is is commercial through the headline and in the beginning of the post.

• Use another font or color, for example background color, than in other posts.

• Mark the post with ”commercial” or ”ad” and the ”company name”.

I see now that I have to be more clear in my posts about what is commercial and what is not. Good for me at moments like this is that I don´t have any paid assignments except for weddings (which isn´t commercial) or neither have very many unpaid collaborations either. I will do a review of my old collaborations and check so I have made it clear to the reader that it is a collab. I know that  I have written it in every post but I also know that I have written it far down in the text which isn´t clear enough according to Konsumentverket.


Another important thing Konsumentverket mentioned is that you have to be very clear when you have young readers. Misslisibell, a 14th year blogger was convicted for ”hidden” commercial in her blog/youtube channel just due to the fact that her main audience is children. A bit harsh I think to convict a child for ”hidden” commercial but anyway. This commercial business is tricky to understand even for an adult and when checking out other blogs after attending the meet I must say that Misslisibel is far from alone and not one of the most scary examples I can find out there!

I met new bloggers

On the meet, the only blogger I knew since before was Lena, . Both her and me was interview about hidden commercials by SVT, the Swedish television, during the meet. This is another story thought and I haven´t really recovered from the chock yet to tell you.

I met another travel blogger, on the meet. I introduced her to Svenska Resebloggar and Travel Massive, we will see if she joins. I also met Kenth Svensson with the blog, who wants to know more about travelblogging and him and me are meeting up tomorrow to talk more about travel blogging. Next beside me was Emma and I also spoke about food blogging with Zeinas kitchen.

The guide ”Vägledning om Marknadsföring i bloggar och sociala medier”

To read more about ”how to do” commercials in blogs – check out the guide from Konsumentverket.

The campaign #jagsmygerinte

If you are ready not to cheat with commercials in you blog – sign up for the campaign #jagsmygerinte here.

So go and sign up and have a brilliant Sunday.







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