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Fotomässan, a tunnel and some ping pong

White, high ceeling and a lot of cameras. That pretty much sum up the photofair held last weekend when my fellow blogger and photographer Helena visited me.

We headed with fairly low expectations, since Canon were a no show on the photoside. On the other hand Nordica photography had their own scene. Oh my the wedding mania!

Not everyone knows Nordica photography. To be short, it is two guys that are wedding photographers and they have a kick ass style. Check it out here.


We checked out the amazing view from our backyard before going. The dull November weather has arrived.

At the fair I tried my dream lens, the 20mm Sigma super wide angle lens f1.4 in the art series. Oh my! Such a lovely piece. Let´s do this every week.


The food-fair next to the photo-fair was a surprise. So much goodies.fotomässan_matmässan_urban_deli-13

Afterwards me and Helena headed for Urban Deli to meet up with my friends and Martin. I tricked her to check out the tunnel Brunkeberg on Tunnelgatan in Stockholm (in the centre). A cool architect thing from the 19th century.

At Urban Deli we had food and beer and played Ping pong. Turns out that Helena kicked everybodies asses in this game.

To check out more photos from our Stockholm weekend head to- @intehelena and Helena is at the moment in Hamburg on a blog campaign. To check out the campaign follow #hamburgwinterseason and #UNESCOHamburg across social medias.


fotomässan_matmässan_urban_deli-17 fotomässan_matmässan_urban_deli-18 fotomässan_matmässan_urban_deli-19

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