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Having bahn mi at the food court K25

Some weeks ago after work Martin and I were hungry and headed on the usual hunt for food. Since moving to Stockholm we have gone to restaurants a lot of times. Bad for the wallet, but good for the food section of the blog since I most likely have a lot of tips for the future.

Close to Martins job in the city centre you have a lot of places to try out but we decided for the food court K25. Scrolling the court, hungry, we decided for bahn mi in the far end at the restaurant Yoi.

The result was yummier than expected, not at all expensive and we were full when leaving. An extra plus for the perfect edamame beans.

So this is my Sunday food tips for you.

Yoi – in the far end of the food court

  • Backpackers Tofu 69 sek (bahn mi)
  • Kimchi 22 sek (enought to share)
  • Edamame Beans for 22 sek (enough to share)

Adress: Kungsgatan 25, Stockholm

Photos shot when walking over a bridge crossing Kungsgatan. Shot with long shutterspeed, the selftimer in the camera and with the camera standing on the bridge railing.

kungsgatan stockholm-2

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