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my top 3 romantic travel destinations

What we believe to be romantic is individual. For one person a romantic setting or destination could be the white beaches in Asia, flowers and gold and for another it is the backyard of his or hers summer cabin. We all though share the capability to inspire each other and share our own favourite places is one way to share inspiration. In this post you will tag along to my top 3 (and a newcomer in the end) romantic travel destinations, to inspire you to go see them and see if you share my fascination for these places.


The dramatic landscape of Iceland must be the most dark and romantic setting I have ever encountered.This is my most recent destination and I will never forget the magic black sand of the lava beaches, the perfect setting for wedding photography. Anyone who wants to go and get married there? It is so magnificent that it is worth all the extra penny´s it will draw from your wedding budget. I guess that this is also the only minus I can think off (the extra money).. that and the shifting weather conditions.

I dream of heaving my own wedding here and I didn´t have any dreams of a wedding at all before coming here.

Here comes a list of the most romantic features as I see them,

  • the black lava sand
  • the dramatic views and skies
  • the perfect light
  • the calm atmosphere
  • places as the Blue lagoon, Thingvellir national park with Öxararfoss waterfall and the ravine, Hella, Geysir,  Gullfoss, Vik and Jökulsarlon.



Gotland – Sweden

Quite the opposite from Iceland Gotland have this perfect white sand beaches as Tofta strand on the west coast. It shares some features with Iceland, as Fårö with it´s dramatic landscape and raukar (see pictured in the middle).

Gotland is best experienced by bike they say but when there I had my own car and drove around the Island to explore it.

Romantic features:

  • the white sand
  • the magnificent light everywhere
  • the open and dramatic landscape
  • the raukar
  • the white lime stone
  • the lighthouses
  • places as fåro, tofta strand, ekstakusten and the hanseatic town of Visby



Paris – France

I felt that I had to squeeze in a city in all this and even if Paris isn´t my favorite city and I don´t dream about going back there is some romance to it I must admit. Montmartre, the eiffel tower and the baguettes for one. The whole atmosphere are build around romance and it is hard to miss when there.

Romantic features:

  • the home interior
  • the baguettes and the cappucinos
  • the french language
  • the well dressed men and women
  • places as the eiffel tower and Montmartre





This is part of the #svenskaresebloggarseptemberdrömmar challenge. To participate, go to this page. Check out the hashtag on different social media to see who else is participating.

This post features the 10 and 11th of September themes, romance and top three in one.


Newcomer – Athens – Greece

Athens has a special place in my heart and my latest visit makes me wonder if Athens isn´t soon gonna beat Paris in romantic setting. The lighting and the beaches in Greece is pretty spectacular and it tops Paris in atmosphere, at least for me.

Romantic features:

  • the light in Greece
  • the white beaches
  • the surrounding mountains
  • the dry nature and olive trees
  • the mediterranean
  • the food and restaurants
  • the white buildings
  • places as the parthenon temple on the Acropolis cliff




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