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shifting skies

I got home from Iceland at 6.00 a.m Monday morning this week and died. I woke up from the coffin around 3 p.m (Monday afternoon) when Martin called and since then I have been walking around in some sort of fog. Without any doubt Iceland was one of the most fantastic experiences in my life and I will re-tell the story afterwards, while being there I didn´t have any energy to blog so this will be some sort of, looking back at my week in Iceland week. I am back in Stockholm and back at work and Martin have also moved here by now.

The second day on Iceland was spend by driving around inbetween targets, the Gullfoss waterfall and some roadshots together with some overexposed sunnier shots in the sun. It is so weird how the skies and the climate can change during the day and go from dark skies, rain, a bit cold and then later turn into sun, more sun and a lot of sun. How? So I am sorry that the photos looks like there where shot on different days and settings but the skies change the pictures so much that it isn´t possible to adjust even. The sky went from blue/grey to grey to blue and everything inbetween. Did I tell you that I love Iceland? How amazing isn´t this?

This is some shots from our second day of shooting. Will not publish all photos but use them for later posts and maybe, just maybe to build my portfolio. Hope that you enjoy them!

Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50 mm and 24-105 mm Canon lens.

  1. Gullfoss waterfall 2. Gija and Trösti, amazing couple from Iceland 3. The group 4. A field when the sun arrived 5. Gija and Trösti walking on a hill strong sun


island-14 island-9 island-10 island-13 island-12


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