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arriving in Iceland

After a bit of a stormy landing through fog in the airport of Keflavik our first nigh passed calmly. We got picked up by Emelie Ohlson and her assistant at the airport and then continued to Keflavik hotel.

In the hotel we had dinner and got to know each other. The weather was horrific for a photographer, windy and rain at the same time, but I managed to take a stroll and shoot some evening photos before going to bed.

The upcoming days are going to be intense and I am not sure if I manage to post anything but I will try. The photos from the first model shot of a great couple, Jórunn and Böddi are something extra even though it was raining the entire time..


Along the coastline of Keflavik. Icelands dramatic scenery is spectacular.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.

Setting, lighthouse with people: iso 1250, 65mm, f6,3, 1/60 sek. 

island_keflavik island_keflavik-4 island_keflavik-5 island_keflavik-7 island_keflavik-8


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