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moving. the word almost taste lake ashes when you are in the middle of things. Yesterday and all weekend I packed. I packed. I packed. It never stops.

Martin still lives in Grythyttan so for him it is no stress. I have to pack everything in two weeks since then is when we are moving all of our stuff to Stockholm.


I started out good. Me alone in the bedroom. Then Martin tagged along and found my old Katarina hat..moving-2

And it continued.moving-3

Oscar had some difficulties last weekend when someone broke into our storage rooms. They took half off his clothes, nothing from us..moving-4

I found a Kama Sutra book and we laughed a little at least.moving-5

I took a selfie in my lamp.moving-6

I enjoyed looking at our kitchen one last time..moving-7

Oscar started to rinse chantarells. Autumn already?moving-8

Martin found my fake furry thing.moving-9

Oscar continued to rinse.moving-10

Martin played videogames. moving-11

Well, that was bascally my Sunday trying to pack in company of Oscar and a two year old child (boyfriend).



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