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5 romantic movies for the lonely soul

I´m not sure what happened this weekend but my couch turned into a romantic movie nest where I happend to see five (romantic) movies in only two days. Bad I know, I so wish it was five books instead so I could brag about these at work, but it were movies and sadly they were great and full- filled my need.

In no specific order,

The longest ride – the last movie I saw but not the least. Featuring an art student played by Britt Robertson and cowboy/ bullrider who meet and fall in love. Severely romantic for the most romantic of people. Takes place in the American South and give you everything you want for an evening alone with a big bowl of candy. After seeing it I felt like googling bullriding, next event closest to home and go straight away to see a real event. A plus is that the guy is Clint Eastwoods sun, Scott Eastwood. Good genes.

The lucky one – Another south movie having a blue eyed Zac Efron playing the a bit lost former marine soldier Logan who travels to Louisiana to find this mysterious girl he found a photo of during the war. A lot of American cliches as jealous ex husbands starting a fight is to be expected.

A plus for the photographer is that the light and atmosphere of the south is fabulous and you feel like booking a one way ticket with you camera as only travel companion there and never return.

The best of me – The last movie from the American south but the first one I saw. In some parts it made a bit of a impression on me but in other parts I felt that this is going to end terribly. Was I right? Well, you have to see it to find out. In the end I was happy and I continued my weekend spree of movies from the south. Features highschool sweethearts that reunite.

Love, Rosie – Lily Collins play Rosie, an English girl that makes a horrible mistake when young, something she have to regret for a long time before making it right. Love the English accent.

Two night stand– Quality- wise this might be the best of the five. Humour- wise I enjoyed it the most. An unconventional lovestory where the male role is played by the guy in The Spectacular Now, Miles Teller, a new favourite of mine. He is funny.

These are five lovely and modern love stories with not to modern gender roles that give us all the romance we can take for one weekend. Happy tv- watching!


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