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Taking the night train from Warzaw (towards Swinoujscie/Ystad) at 23.40 Thursday the 25th of June. Experiencing a weird polish night train ride again (last time when 18 years old traveling with school to Auschwitz) with non functioning toilets, people smoking in them and non English speaking polish train attendants.

train travel
Martin and I share a cabin with a polish student studying in Warzaw going home to his small city on the countryside. He has more polish night train experience then us, it is obvious since he brought his own sleeping bag. At this train of course, we don´t get any blanket, pillow or water and with a non functioning toilet we don´t really expect breakfast. When thinking about it suddenly I am missing the harsh Austrian guy.


Cost for train tickets: 1085 sek (compared to the night train from Berlin to Venice it is a small sum)

Arriving at the train station in Swinoujscie we run around looking for the port. After speaking with three non English speaking polish people we find the port and get our tickets. Another hour of running around we also find a little store where we buy some breakfast which we eat sitting on a park bench by the harbour, looking at seagulls and thinking about life.

train travel-2


At the boat not much tend to happen but Martin and me compete in Climb the hills iPhone game. We observe that drivers have their own section in the restaurant, behind a wall. We also observe them having alcohol..

Cost: the cost for the ferries for two people is cheap, 720 sek for two, one adult for 410 and one youngster for 310.

pågatågen – the train in the land of the Skåne people


Getting of in Ystad we walk to the train-station. It takes us five minutes and the cost for the train is around 50 sek per ticket and includes free high speed wifi. God we have good internet connection in Sweden! And the trains? They are purple! Good internet and good looking trains.

train travel-3 train travel-4train travel-5 train travel-6

Sweden, oh Sweden – hello friends we are back!

Welcoming us at the train-station in Gärsnäs is Daniel and Fredrik. So happy to be back!

Having a beer and a shower life turns back to normal in the land of the Skåne people.


österlen österlen-2 österlen-3 österlen-4 österlen-5 österlen-6 österlen-7


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