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Cruise MSC Magnifica – Venice to Brindisi – the city of Brindisi

Sunday 14th 16.30 to Monday 15th of June 17.30

Our first day experience on a cruise was when Martin and I got on the boat MSC Magnifica in Venice Sunday the 14th of June. Our first impression were ”oh, so big” and ”oh what a nice room”. When ordering we paid 3690 sek / around 350 euros per person, an upgrade from the standard package to include a balcony and view towards the sea, now after being at sea for a while, very glad that we made this choice. Falling a sleep with an open balcony door with the sound of the Mediterranean must be my new favourite thing. 

Leaving port the 293,8 m long ship pass St. Marcus square exiting the lagoon and then entering the Adriatic sea with is blue waters. The 973 crewmembers and it’s captain Marco Massa setting course towards the city of Brindisi.

When the view sinks in you start to check the different parts of the ships and also, ”what cost and what don’t”. So our second impression was ”oh so beautiful but expensive everything” when checking the internet cost being horrified by the 16,90 euro per hour internet. 

We figure, ”at least the food is free” and so we trotted up to the 13th floor to have a late lunch. The buffe is a real buffe of everything, it has fries, burgers, pizza, salad, desserts and water, coffee and tea included. The evening dinner in one of the three restaurants is also included. 

After a late lunch we head for a walk around the pool and the deck realising the size of the ship. We look at the ship photos, there is a mingle photographer that shoot photos of everybody when they step on board against a ship- steering wheel background. We found ourself and have some fun looking at ourself. 

At dinner we meet Josefin and Maja our two table partners. Much laughter later we turn in. 

First day Martin is mostly amazed by all food arrangements. That is all we talk about. Second morning we get up around 9 and get down to have breakfast a bit late, around 10, making it the exact moment when they switch from English breakfast to Continental. 

Before getting off in Brindisi we sunbade and then exit the boat at 13. 

The little town of Brindisi is on the Italian east coast, right on the little boot of Italia.

On the first day off the boat MSC have buses waiting to take us from the harbour into the city. The ride takes 10 minutes and gets us to the city centre and harbour tourist point. Walking around Brindisi we manage to get a wifi and upload some blog posts I prepared about Venice and do the necessary checking of emails and other messages. 

My impression of Brindisi is that it is a beautiful town by the sea, with a cute staircase but lack of service, since everything is closed when we arrive. Maybe something to think about when a 3000 people tourist ship arrives, also the opinion passed on by others to the local tourist office getting the respons ”it is siesta” continuing ”yes, but why not have open when a boat arrives” getting the short response of ”yes, I know”. 

Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, 40 mm pancake lens, edited in lightroom


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