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A Harry Potter night train from Berlin to Venice

The worst smell ever, is what hits you when entering the six people cabin at the night train from Munich to Venice. Martin disappears into another cabin after meeting an entire Indian family and not making it through. How odd start of a train trip.
The train departs Thursday the 11 th of June and me and Martin are an hour early at the Berlin main train station. After an announcement of ”tricksters” in the station we are told to look out for our bags and take extra precautions and notice anything odd we depart in DB- bahn train ICE 1515 from Berlin to Munich at 16.40.

After 6 hours in train, flying pass German villages and old industry cities, wine yards and train station upon train station as Nurnberg we arrive in Munich around 23 in the evening.

Picking up a late snack we head for the night train and it is dark around the tracks by now. Entering the train it is like time travel. The carriages that are used are much older then the modern day trains, in both comfort and size. Martin and I ordered the tickets late and end up sitting in the middle, not having the possibility to lean our heads either direction if wanting to take a nap. There is three seats on both sides, facing each other.

The train (CNL 40463) doesn’t take the famous Brennerpass but travel from Munich to Venice via Budapest and Zagreb. Leaving 23 and arriving in Venice 08.30, is not to bad though and the cost of 218 euros for two is also fair.

Back to the horrible smell. The story goes, that after sitting down the others who we were to share a cabin with start to drop in. First we have a Japanese lady living in Singapore, second there were a girl from Tanzania living in Australia, third and forth there were Tom and Rachel, two Englishmen on their first backpacking trip through Europe. Rachel happened to have bad smelling feet, much worse than all of us together, great I thought without saying so much about it. Hers being so bad, covering my smell just fine. Talking and joking about the clear likeness of the train to the trains in the Harry Potter movies, taking Harry, Hermione and Ron to school, we all fall asleep one by one.

At four a clock in the morning we are hastily awakened by policemen entering our carriage asking for passports in a harsh manner, escorted by the feeling of the harry potter movie when the dementors enter the the train and suck almost all life out of Harry.

Well, we manage to get to Venice whole and sane, watching beautiful scenery and the sunrise as we go on. Splitting up, the others exit on the first venice station Maestre and we go on to St. Luzia, the trainstation on the Venice island.


Photos shot with Canon Eos M3, 40 mm pancake lens, ed in lightroom




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