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the berlin wall.

After doing the classic round we ended the tourist day by visiting East Side gallery, which is street art on the eastern side of the Berlin wall. Here you can find the crying Einstein (probably have fancier name) as well as Picasso look a like street art and locks with names in them in many colors. 

Walking from the S bahn station Warschauer Strasse to Ostbahnhof – you find the street gallery on Muhlenstrasse.

We liked it so much that we returned the second day, Thursday the 11 th of June, so we could scout some more art but mostly just hang with the other cool kids by the water. During the day the sun was intense and what better than to find a nice spot in the shadows and just hang, feeling Berlin grow on you and making imaginary plans to move here some day. The best thing about traveling must be to dream.  


Shot with canon eos m3 and 40 mm pancake lens ed in lightroom



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