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Visit Fotografiska – a place for fun, a place for knowledge

Monday I visited Fotografiska for a second day in a row and decided to buy an one year membership at the museum. Is it weird to say you love a place and that you are going to visit every exhibition from now on when moving to Stockholm? Well, maybe it isn´t entirely true, but I most likely will visit a lot, maybe even take a photocourse on my spare time. I am looking at them now and I see that I have some blank spots of knowledge to fill that can be filled or at least partly filled with these courses. You can´t get to much knowledge right?

Happily situated at Stadsgårdskajen close to Slussen (subway/metro) it is possible to visit Fotografiska everyday, all day, between the hours 09-23. Fotografiska is more a meeting place for photographers than a museum. 

Göran Segeholm is one of the teachers here. The same guy that holds both Bildradion and Fotosidans pod-radios/casts. I must say that I love them and him as a telling voice, so I can understand why his courses is so popular and that he is one of Swedens most famous photography teachers.

Current exhibitions: Nich Brandt – On this earth a shadow falls across the ravage land, Vee Speers – Bulletproof, Martin Parr- Souvenir and a student by the name of Johan Strindberg – young photographer of the year has a corner with a mixed number of photographs.

With me on Fotografiska was Helena. I can totally recommend her blog, a travelblog in Swedish. More organised and professional then mine so if travel interested head to Helenas blog. Another thing we have in common besides traveling is photography and also the main focus of this day where we first visited Fotografiska and later took a stroll on Södermalm, passed Katarina Kyrka and ended up at Katarina Hissen and Mosebacke Torg.

To see Helenas post about our stroll on Söder click here. The photos of me shooting photos of the rabbit is extra funny.


stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-2 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-3 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-4 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-5 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-6 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-7 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-8 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-9 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-10 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-11 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-12 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-13 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-14 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-15 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-16 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-17 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-18 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-19 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-20 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-21 stockholm_fotografiska_södermalm-22




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