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better bloggers

Having a blog keeps you update on several areas on the internet. When changing your theme, CSS, comes into play having the trouble of links disappearing and turning up, not working properly and the need to redo embeded code for links to your social media accounts. Today I registered at a new site, better bloggers.

Being a blogger is so much more than just posting a post a day. Nowadays, a well handled blog is equal to business inquiries. With this inquiries follow much work but also a lot of questions. This question can partly be answered by better bloggers, a network for the professional bloggers.

Something necessary for the future if I want to continue to blog, which I hope and think I will, is to develop my skills. better bloggers is a network for Swedish bloggers in Sweden, but probably exists in other countries as well.


the photo above is a food shot I never published. I have started to develop my section of food, well, who could resist in the long run when living with a professional chef? / edited in lightroom.


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