Month: april 2015

Guestblogging at Dryden about Grythyttan and Bergslagen

this is a busy week. I am on a roadtrip in Norway and at the same time a guest at the travelblogger Drydens place. My post at Dryden is a quick guide to a small roadtrip in Bergslagen. Hope you will enjoy it. Dryden made a fantastic collage of a bunch of my photos. 🙂 Check out the post on  Blogging from the phone so will get back with a link to the exact post later. Katarina Share with you my favorite photo from my guest post. A golden oldie of the friends in Grythyttan.

Shoot better travel photographs – Mix color and black & white- the story about Paris

Who besides me love black and white photography?  I think it is something special with black and white photos and fill my Instagram account with them as well as the blog. Today we use photoshop to get photos black and white, something we before used film for. Today we have the possibility to cover the entire story when shooting, not just take one photo of the eiffeltower and leave out the rest of the city, when in Paris. We are either aware of what we are doing or we just do it, but normally we use technique that is called storytelling when putting our images together. A lot of us use it and tell the entire story of a travel destination without text, like a well filled photoalbum in one post. I like to do this all the time, I can add 40 photos from one day in one post here at the blog. To keep the story entertaining I like to mix color and black and white photos. Especially portraits do well in black …

Another round at Zen

Last Thursday we spend some time at Zen yet again and this round around I brough my DSLR. Must say in these lightingconditions the DSLR does better than the cellphone even though that it is possible to shoot good photos with the phone nowadays. I was on a checkup at a skinterapeut after doing some facial treatments. The food is totally recommended and very yummie. We got ourself some Moshi at the asian store close to Zen and some other ingredients for Miso soup and other dishes as well. Will be back in a couple of days with a recipe for Miso soup that Martin cooked shortly after our visit at Zen. Katarina Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, 40 mm Canon Lens f2.8.

Vinnaren och de tävlande bidragen i selfiepinnetävlingen!

Och vinnaren av selfiepinnen (samarbete med är… *trumvirvel*, följande bild.   Tyckte lite extra om denna bild från Paris tagen av deltagare 3. Embla. En härlig bild med klänning och Parisboken i högstahugg på slingrande vägar upp mot Sacre Coeur. Många valde att skicka in sina bidrag på mail varför jag återpublicera dem här då de inte fanns i kommentarsfältet. Alla svarade rätt på fråga 1 såklart då det finns mer än ett svar 🙂 Måste också ge pluspoäng till alla som gav sig på att rimma! Mycket uppskattat! Vinnaren får ett mail av mig inom kort. Bidragen     Bidrag 1, Sofie N 1.Svar: En pinne som håller upp mobilen åt en och gör att man kan ta bilder med mobilen från längre avstånd med hjälp av bluetooth som är inbyggd i pinnen. Jag mejlar min bild, Glad påsk 2.Denna bilden blev jag riktigt n?jd med. Jag skulle ta en v?ldigt spontan bild men bilden blev s? bra, fick en bra fokus p? den. Jag skryter alltid om denna bilden som jag tog f?rra ?ret …

Roadtrip Grythyttan – Bergen – heading from Sweden to Norway

  What was first suppose to be a weekend in Berlin, turned out to be something else. It became a roadtrip in Norway Mum and I are heading out Wednesday morning having a five day busy schedule. Distances Grythyttan – Oslo, passing Karstad, the car cemetary of Töcksfors/ Båstnäs Oslo – Bergen , passing the touristroad of Haugastol and Eidfjord Bergen – Lillehammer, passing the touristroad Aurland – Lardalsoyri Lillehammer – Grythyttan, heading home Since I do not have time to post any posts on the blog during our trip I have prepared some time-set posts about photography, travel and food. Now it is only packing the bag and some fika and soon I am off! 🙂 Katarina

Trial and error – preparing for a wedding – the photographers view

Shooting my first wedding in May. Met the couple today to check out some spots around the church. The church is very beautiful and we decided for some nice areas around the church for portraits. This photo was taken when I was hanging over the altar in the front of the church. A funny situation occurred when I was shooting inbetween the decorations that caused both the couple as well as I to laugh, and well, to slow shutterspeed made this nice motion blurr. Anyway, weddings are suppose to be fun so lets hope there will be more of that on the wedding- day. 🙂 Katarina Shot with Canon 5D and Sigma 50mm Art lens, ed Lightroom  

Having some cheese and wine

The neighbours with expensive taste came by yesterday. It resulted in an cheese orgie. Today I am off consulting with my first wedding couple. Might add some photos later during the week if I have time to edit them after our try out session taking place today. The wedding isn´t until May so still have time to prepare and get inspired by some more wedding photography on pinterest. Anyway, the cheeses where delicious, and the wine, well okay for the price? Must say I can find cheaper wine I like more, I am sorry to say it. Before yesterdays cheese mania we also made (or Martin made) our / his first ceviche after getting back from Peru so there will definitively be a recipe and process of making that up soon. Ciao! Enjoy your Easter Monday! Katarina  

Eastercandy in Sweden

The candy tradition in Sweden dates many hundred of years. Gustav iii i suppose to have fancied nougat and dated earlier, sugar loafs was one type of early candy. If the vikings ate any candy of the more modern type (with sugar) I do not know, maybe some readers do?!, but any way, candy has a long tradition especially around easter. Especially popular candy around easter in Sweden is the drage eggs, which is candy with a sugar coated peel in the shape of an egg. The tradition of eggs was introduced with the easter bunny that came from Germany with the candy industry. I if you want to know more, check this link. Maritn and me took a stroll to the store to by some easter candy yesterday on Good Friday. We bought an egg and to much candy (feel stuffed still). No kids came knocking on the door yesterday or the day before so get to keep all the candy for myself I guess. 😉 Katarina  

Vinn en selfiepinne från!

De som följer mig och har träffat mig har säkert också sprungit på min selfiepinne någon gång. Selfiepinnen, en ytterst bra pryl när man är ute och reser på tuman hand och inte har någon fotograf med sig. Här är jag och mamma framför Notre Dame tagen med selfiepinnen t ex. Därför tävlar jag nu ut en selfiepinne i samarbete med! Den som är extra uppmärksam när man klickar sig in i shopen kommer känna igen förstasidebilden.. För att tävla svara på fråga 1 och följ instruktionerna i fråga 2 senast tisdagen den 7e april. 1. Vad är en selfiepinne? Hint- kika in på mitt inlägg om just selfiepinnen. 2. Skicka in din finaste vårbild, eller den du gillar mest, i kommentaren här, på mail till eller länka till t ex instagram. Om du svarar rätt på fråga 1 och har den vackraste vårbilden vinner du en selfiepinne från the selfie shop. Denna pinne finns i flera olika färger och jag har själv den i rosa. Kika in på för andra andra varianter och tillbehör. Jag är enhällig domare, dvs, den …

A blogging challenge: 10 travel pictures

This is a photochallenge that started at a Finish blogger called Journey Diary – matkablogi, was translated and continued at Swedish bloggers at first at Mary Af Rövarhamn and continued at for example Halloj Världen,  Fantasiresor, Freedomtravel and Dryden. Now translated and continues into English from me, at least, and maybe more! Here is my contribution! Update 150504 – Now translated into German. 1. A plane wing. 2. The picture that was a mistake but turned out very well.  3. The travel picture that makes you very happy. 4. The nature picture.  5. A picture from high above. 6. The postcard picture.  7. A picture of the travelgroup. 8. – Enjoying yourself below the palm- image 9. The goodmorning picture.  10. The favorite city.