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A blogging challenge: 10 travel pictures

This is a photochallenge that started at a Finish blogger called Journey Diary – matkablogi, was translated and continued at Swedish bloggers at first at Mary Af Rövarhamn and continued at for example Halloj Världen,  Fantasiresor, Freedomtravel and Dryden. Now translated and continues into English from me, at least, and maybe more!

Here is my contribution!

Update 150504 – Now translated into German.

1. A plane wing.

nazca lines-2

 Shot at the nazca lines. I liked how photogenic these simple propeller planes was.

2. The picture that was a mistake but turned out very well. 

astrid y gaston-2

I took this photo our second day in Peru when Martin visited his internship restaurant for the first time. We shot the photo on the stairs when this man is walking in the middle, interrupting the photo being taken. We later realised that the man walking between us was the head chef himself.

3. The travel picture that makes you very happy.

huacca china-2

This photo was taken by Martin when I was walking up the sand dunes at Huacca China, an hour or two after starting. An exhausting exercise.

4. The nature picture. 


A tricky location to shoot a photo with all this shadow and sun at the same time but when looking at the photo I remember the sound from the seals and the ocean.

5. A picture from high above.

nazca lines-3

Shot from the plane above the Nazca lines.

6. The postcard picture. 


Shot from the roof of Martins aunts house in Peru in March.

7. A picture of the travelgroup.

paris oss granntanter emellan

Shot in Paris this fall when me and my mother headed to Paris with the bloggers from Granntanter.

8. – Enjoying yourself below the palm- image

relaxing zoo

Me relaxing at the zoo. I´m not much of a tanner but rather like to keep my big sunhat on.

9. The goodmorning picture. 

provoo borgå

Early morning in Borgå/ Porvoo Finland.

10. The favorite city.


 It is hard to say anything else than Lima when you spend 3 months in a city.


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