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Last week me and Martin had Misosoup. Martin was the chef,  but I was the one who ate it, of course. 😉 It tasted as it should but we both agreed that you need to give all Asian food more than one shot to learn how to cook it right, it is an art of it´s kind. Recipes is found below.

Happy cooking!



misosoppa-3 misosoppamisosoppa-4

Buy the ingredients in an Asian store.

Kombu dashi

Seagrass broth (sjögräs-buljong).

  • 1 l water
  • 20 g Kombu
  • 5 Wakame algaes

Put the ingridients in a bowl 12 hours in a fridge. Then heat until boilingpoint and strain (sila) the broth. Save the wakame algaes and broth for serving.


Use the dashi (the broth), boil yet again, add 3 table spoons of Miso (bough in an asian store).

Add the ingredients you like. Martin used Wakame and tofu, with a Swedish twist of leek and radishes.


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