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Gullringen- my hometown

Just got back home to Grythyttan. Feels wonderful to unpack and live ”normal again”. Two weeks of meeting friends and eating to much Christmas food is over. I will miss the sooner, that and the morning walks with Martin or my mother. Tomorrow a new life awaits, I life of starvation and long walks.


Some photos of Gullringen, shot by me and the photos of me by my mother. In the photos you see Gullringshus, an old office building from the old local house factory that no longer is in use, the railway stations, my grandmothers old house as well as Stigs konditori, the local cafe.

Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 24-105 mm lens, ed Lightroom (for the photo interested, you can see that I have played around some with temperature and balance, shift in colors etc. Though the grey weather is not me, it is Sweden).

promenadgullringen-2 promenadgullringen-3 promenadgullringen-4 promenadgullringen-5 promenadgullringen-6 promenadgullringen-7 promenadgullringen-8 promenadgullringen-9 promenadgullringen-10 promenadgullringen-11 promenadgullringen-12 promenadgullringen-13 promenadgullringen-14 promenadgullringen-15 promenadgullringen-16 promenadgullringen-17 promenadgullringen


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