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It´s raining, men!

Well, great start on the new year. It is raining here in the small village Gullringen where I grew up. Have spend a week here, had Christmas food and rested. Are still in my pajamas (13.20, or 1.20 pm). Somewhat afraid of my future health due to me slacking to much.

I´m working on my New Year´s resolutions and the only thing I have come up with so far is 1. Travel more. Do you have any New Year´s resolutions?

When the holidays are coming up you always think that you are going to get so much done, but when the holiday is here you realise that you´re not going to get anything done and even less done than if you had been working.

Well, at least I have worked on my photography skills, the only thing that actually matters, don´t you think?

From the day before yesterday and yesterdays strolling around Gullringen.

Now the time is 16.36 and me and my mother took another stroll around the village.


PS: Todays traveltip is Discover your own backyard.

HH7A6780 HH7A6794 HH7A6798 HH7A6853 HH7A6865 HH7A6870 HH7A6872 HH7A6879 HH7A6883 HH7A6887 HH7A6890 HH7A6891 HH7A6898 HH7A6909 HH7A6912 HH7A6919


Canon 5D Mark iii

Canon 24-105 mm lens

Editing in Lightroom




  1. Härliga bilder från ett lite vintrigt Sverige. Idag hade vi +9 på morgonen! Lite fel kan man tycka!

  2. Jättebra tips faktiskt! Ofta så tror man ju att man behöver resa långt bort för att upptäcka. Men det finns ju hur mycket som helst att upptäcka i området runt där man bor!


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