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Vinterfesten – the annual winter party in Grythyttan

This weekend has been all about partying. Must say I I´m not a big party person anymore but this weekend held both a Christmas party for work (julbord) but also the annual winter party in Grythyttan, Vinterfesten. Didn’t bring my Canon to any of the events, but my polaroid camera. Check out the photos below from my instagram shot with my iPhone 6+ and my instax mini polaroid camera.

Winterfesten had the theme Circus and held many surprises as an actually magician and also a fire-show that I caught on film.

Continuing my work on my Christmas presents this evening and watching my new favorite tv-show, The Glades on netflix.

If you like to check out my photos from last years event- check here.


iPhone 6+, Fujifilm Instax Mini 25, edited and posted on instagram


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