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Christmas presents- tips from an environment friendlier view.

We started talking about gifts today during lunch. Oh my do I love presents! But, later on in life the view of non sustainable consumerism have started to grow more and more. Especially around Christmas it gets evident that we consume way to much.

So here is some simple Christmas present tips for those who are looking for inspiration.

– Photobooks that you create yourself from your own photos. Ica have an environmental friendlier alternative, with ”eco” paper and less chemicals. Hello relatives, you know what you are getting!

– A memory can. Now you are thinking.. what? The blogger Rebecka S- Fotograf i Göteborg posted about it in a post the first of December. She made it for herself but I think it will make a great present for someone. It is simple, basically you just take a can and then during the year you add notes of stuff that happens, big or small. Then you read in through when the can is full or why not next Christmas? How nice to go through all those memories later on.

– Going second hand shopping is a great alternative. Please give me second hand stuff!

– Unicef or NGO giveaways as ”Fuck Cancer” or just give money to the organisation you believe in.

– DIY – food. Make cheese, do your own wine or just bake old plain cookies. All your friends will love a DIY gift

– Old newspaper – wrappings – Wrap you gifts in newspaper or old nicer magazines. My favorite have come to be the Camino magazine.



Last Christmas mum and I made mozart candy as giveaways. Or at least she did, I took photos.



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