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The yearly photo exhibition in Stockholm

Yesterday I attended the photo-exhibition in Stockholm.

I was there just to hang out with my companions from Karlskoga photo club and check out some inspiring and new stuff on the market. Must say that all stuff seemed familiar to me and that there where nothing that I hadn´t seen before. Maybe the film department would have got me surprised but, well, didn´t check that part out any deeper.

Didn´t bring my camera, a lot of people did, so I shot some photos with my Iphone 6+ to show the spirit of the exhibition. A lot of people visited and to the Canon and Nikon boots it was a queue the whole day.

Tried out the Wacom drawing board and actually bought one :/. I must say that I went a bit crazy and bought a Wacom, a Led-light for the camera, a new camera strap, two books as well as a video mic from Röde. The equipment will turn up here eventually in posts and on photos, with comments of how good and bad they are etc etc.

I posted some photos on instagram yesterday and they show enough of the exhibition I think. Don´t want to ruin it for you guys who want to attend next years event.

Will definitively go back next year and save up before hand..

Photo 1: The exhibitions in the exhibition..

Photo 2: My new bracelet that I got free in the Canon monter. How cool? It looks like .. ?

Photo 3: A photoboot. Retro.


Photos taken with my Iphon 6 + and edited in Lightroom app + Instagram app.


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