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The style of a vintage guy

Ingemar and Ann-Marie must be the couple with the coolest, handson approach to vintage. Have you ever seen anything like it? They where a part of the team that strolled the streets with granntanter Camilla Thulin and Karina Ericsson Wärn for three days in Paris.

I only snapped a couple of photos of Ingemar and Ann-Marie but if you want to check out more from Ingemars style, visit his Pinterest.



HH7A1621 HH7A1888 HH7A1891 HH7A1954


Camera: Canon 5D Mark iii

Lens: 24-105 mm Canon Lens

Editing: Lightroom


  1. I love her suit in the top photo, and his orange pocket square. I’m a total pragmatist with no intentional style (literally none. A girl once told me ”you’ve got this sort of lobsterman/lumberjack/farmhand kind of thing going on” which seems about as good as anything, although she didn’t seem to mean it in a good way.) so, I admire folks who manage to look nice.

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