The november darkness is on it´s way.




Photo taken today, about twenty minutes before publishing.

Nikon D 90, normal Nikon lens, editing in Lightroom. 


  1. Nice photo! I like the mood of it.

    Normal Nikon lens… did you mean the kit lens?

    • Yes, it is probably the right word for it. (English is my second language) The camera is my friends camera. I have just borrowed it to try it out a little. I have the Canon Mari iii. It is the AF-S Nikkor 16-85 mm lens, f 3,5. I actually like this camera.

      Thanks for the nice comment anyway, who where you. I am a bit confused, you didn´t have a blog yourself or which one was that?

      • Ah yes, I’m the Eric with the camera bag questions.

        Sorry for confusing you. There are too many Erics running around already. OK, I’ve changed my name so hopefully it’s a little better.

        BTW is the picture that of the sea? Or is that a marshland?

        Also I just realized that you said the image was taken 20 minutes before *publishing*. Did you publish the photo somewhere?

        • Hi! No. 20 minutes before publishing on the blog 🙂 no I have not published my photos anywhere.. You? Havent seen any of yours 🙂 the photos is of neither sea or marshland. Its a normal lake 🙂

  2. I once worked in Sweden for 6 weeks in March and April. My coworkers told me that Swedes look forward to the snow because then light is reflected and it isn’t as dark. True story?

    • Yes. It is a true story but the winter is dark and I mean dark dark!!! Don’t think anyone understands how dark it will become before they actually set there foots in swedish ground in january 🙂

  3. Would it be interesting to you to post this kind of shot regularly, so that we can see its arrival and its slow passage …?

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a purply sunset. It’s magnificent <3
    I certainly know the long nights of winter in the "Near North", but I've never experienced the dark, dark of the "Far North". I can't begin to imagine the difference it makes to the life-beat of a town or city.

    • Yes, I have edited the photo though so it is a bit extra purple! 😉 but, well, the northern lights can turn out to look something like this, but we don´t have that around here. Do you live close to the polar circle? Was it toronto? is that close?

      • Toronto is in the southern part of Canada – almost as far south as you can go. I’m from the northern part of the province about 700 km north of Toronto, but it is still quite a way from the Arctic Circle.
        The Northern Lights I remember as a child were mostly green, but I haven’t been lucky enough to see them in 40 years.

        • Yes they are green and yellow I think. In this photo I shifted the temperature in the photo to purple and maybe blue or yellow (don´t remember). I don´t know if you shoot a lot with a DSLR and edit but it is a easy thing to do in an editing program, so if you see all this fantastic color photos, most of them are edited… 🙂

          • I don’t shoot with a DSLR, but I’m excited about taking a Lightroom course this weekend. I’ve played around a bit with photo editing, but I’d like to know more … a lot more actually 🙂

          • Aha. Cool. Yes I edit in Lightroom every day and sometimes photoshop for extensive filters and painting etc. But I love lightroom. It is really good. This photo with the purple horizon is edited in Lightroom and I have just shiftet the blue temperature that the photo naturally have to a more purple and added som contrast and clarity, maybe some sharpness as well. Voila´!


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