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Fujifilm Instax mini 25 – a polaroid camera

In Paris I bought a new camera. Something different. A polaroid camera to be exact. How fun to play with!

It is a easy to use little thing, just point and shoot really. The camera also have a selfie-mirror on the front which makes it easy to take a portrait of yourself. The film is a bit expensive, about 10 photos cost around 12-13 Euro, 15-20 dollars and around 100-200 sek. But on the other hand you get something that not so many others have to give to your friend on the trip or just keep yourself in the wallet. The photos are the size of a creditcard.

You unpac the camera, unpac the film and put the film in the back, matching the yellow dot on the film to the yellow dot on the camera. You don´t need to do anything more than that and hit the power button on the back. You can shoot with or without flash and on the setting L (light), normal and D (Dark): I tried them all and like the light setting much since it gives a bit of a vintage look.

So, go and by yourself one and have some fun!


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Sigma Art lens and editing in Lightroom and photoshop




kameror kamera baksida foton

Oh my how fun it is to use! Out and about by the Eiffeltower.



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