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Met a horse.

Went for a walk in the forest today. The weather is all greyish and boring for being early October but I guess thats how life is like sometimes. Was invited to go have tacos and tequila at six by a friend, so I guess that is a plus for this greyish Saturday. That and the horse I met in the forest, what a beautiful one.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens (l-series), edited in Lightroom.

HH7A0803 HH7A0807 HH7A0812 HH7A0819 HH7A0823 HH7A0826-2 HH7A0828 HH7A0830 HH7A0831 HH7A0840


  1. Great photos, Katarina. Those horses got pretty close 😀
    Beautiful Autumn over there. Here it’s sunny and feels like we only have 2 seasons in Germany – Summer and Winter.

    • Ja möjligt. Tror att hästen som är med kan vara henne föl från förra året. Den hästen var iaf föl då och de delade hage även då 🙂


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