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Preparing for Porvoo with a festival guide from Zalando and some soup.

Remember that I spoke of getting a mail about a festival gudie? The festival guide from Zalando is in Swedish but covers the festivals in Europe. Who knew that the biggest festival in Europe takes 3 million visitors and is situated in Vienna!? And that it´s first year only had 500 visitors? How cool. Martin and I soon started discussing our backpacking next year and how we could fit in a festival in all that. Tomorrowland is interesting..

Soon I am going to the Porvoo Jazz festival the 10th of September, which is soon, and I received an email for the checking up of the dates/trip this week from the travelhouse in Porvoo/Borgå. It is so exiting and an amazing schedule. Seems like the only thing I am doing this week is planning trips, but, well the award comes later when you actually get to go traveling.

This weekend I am traveling to Stockholm for meeting friends and fellow bloggers. Tomorrow I am attending Stockholm Travel Massive. Will post photos of the weekend as they come along, promise. Now, back to packing that suitcase.


PS: enjoy the photos of the pumpkin soup Martin made earlier this week. Served in Martins china from Swedish store Indiska.

Fall is here!

Canon 5 D Mark iii, Canon 50mm lens and lightroom editing




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