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Attending Stockholm Travel Massive.

Going on new adventures, this time on Stockholm Travel Massive, meeting up some great travel bloggers and doing some networking. It is going to be so much fun!

The event is hosted by four travel bloggers which I know two through instagram and their blogs. They are Lola A. Åkerström, Katja Presnal
Sofia Zetterqvist and Annika Myhre. Katja Persnal run the Skimbaco lifestyle magazine and write about travels on a professional level. Sofia Zetterqvist on the other hand have the blog  Fantasiresor. I also follow both these girls on Instagram and

Is there any other travel bloggers out there that are attending the event? I know that the event has been hosted before and would love to have your experiences from before! 

This years event is Happening next Friday on the 29th of August in Stockholm at the HTL Hotel on Kungsgatan, invite only, and will be a great warm up going to Finland since Sofia from is attending the Finland trip as well.


Giving you this photo from Machu Picchu not published before. This is the massive excitement feeling I have for the upcoming fall. So much to do, so little time! 🙂 Taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon lens 24-105 mm.

The clothes of the event: Fully dressed in H&M (jeans and sweater) and a hat from Puno Peru as well as the scarf that is from Cusco Peru. My camerabag comes from Lowepro.



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