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10 things to do in Lima – post 7- Larcomar

The seventh post in my series inspired by the Times list, 10 things to do in Lima, Larcomar.


First arriving in Larcomar you get fairly amazed. It is a bit special, this outdoor shopping area/ with a view over the ocean.

Basic knowledge

Situated in Miraflores on the Malecon, Larcomar is easily accessible. The area has restaurants like Tanta but also Pizza Hut or other fast food opportunities, even Peruvian fast food Ceviche as well as bowling, cinema and extensive shopping opportunities. It is fairly new and feels overall fresh.

Me and Martin tried both the fast food and the Tanta restaurant and I really agree with the Tanta concept, which is one of Gastons concepts of Peruivian and western fusion.



Larcomar has a big variety of shopping, though very much American or non Peruvian brands. One of my favorite Peruvian stores where Mentha & Chocolate where I bought some clothes during my stay and this clothes where found here in Larcomar. See my photo of the clothes on Instagram.

During our stay in Peru they also opened a Desigual store in Larcomar. Think it is the only one in Lima/ Peru but are not a 100 % sure. But Desigual is a spanish brand I like a alot. Have several garments from them that I bought in Madrid and Barcelona when visiting there.

I was a bit disappointed to the lack of Peruvian angle on the whole shopping center. To American for my taste. Where did the South American touch go?

HH7A9048 HH7A9055



As mentioning above Tanta is one of the restaurants in the area where we had amazing chocolate cake. I give this restaurant a high grade due to the great service we got when we where there. It is not, on the other hand, one of my top three restaurants in Lima even though the food is good.

As seen in the above photo it is also possible to eat fast food and if I remember it correctly they had everything from Pizza Hut to fast food Ceviche. The Ceviche was actually good to my amazement and the Pizzas at Pizza Hut is kind of yummie.


Yes, if you just admire the view and not shop. Didn´t spot any particular green alternatives when being there, but no, I didn´t look through the entire archive either. I am though pretty sure that being green isn´t their angle, or they didn´t succeed with their marketing.

Overall experience

This is not on my list of 10 things to do in Lima, since in my opinion it is part of the Malecon and is just another shoppingcenter, though with some good shopping of course and a fab view. I will give it a week four star rating.


Ps: Enjoy the view, it is free!

Canon 5D Mark iii, lightroom.





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